Rambo: The Video Game, Will Use Stallone Voice Clips from the Films Plus New Screens

Rambo - The Video Game

Reef Entertainment has set out “to produce the finest Rambo video game ever made” and to do that they will be using actual audio of Sylvester Stallone as ‘John Rambo’ from the films. So Stallone himself is not voicing himself in what Reef Entertainment believes will be the best Rambo game ever. Simply entitled Rambo – The Video Game, the team will also be bring the now dead actor Richard Crenna back to life as they use audio clips from him as well, as he plays ‘Colonel Samuel Trautman’ in the Rambo films, and now in the game too.

Audio reels from the StudioCanals archives have been approved for use as they will pull the original voice recording tapes from (Rambo) First Blood, First Blood Part II and Rambo III. This is essential to creating the best Rambo game according to Reef Entertainment. You can expect to see Rambo: The Video Game release sometime this 2013. Expect the first person shooter to follow the plot of the films. Check out the latest screenshots below along with a teaser cinematic from the films.

[youtube id=”NBKDgilWRPM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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