Why Sony Should’ve waited to Unveil the PS4 at E3

The gaming industry has been a big game of poker.  With short stacks coming and going, to even seeing big companies go on tilt and lose all of their chips.  Yep here is to looking at you THQ, thanks for the wonderful memories.  In the past big names like Sega and even the legendary Atari lost their stacks. Newbies from small time fund-raisers have recently come into the game, Occulus, and the Ouya to name a few.  But none are as big as the current chip leaders at the table: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.  So why would Sony raise the stakes so high on a hand that isn’t made yet?


Whether you like to admit it or not the PlayStation 3 console didn’t perform as well as Sony had hoped. Sure some battles were won such as setting HD disc standard to Blu-Ray and more recently the PS Plus idea with free games being offered has really resurged the interest in the platform.  Not to mention some killer apps such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance.

Does this look like Killzone 2 to you?
Does this look like Killzone 2 to you?

Yet even the battles Sony has won, more battles have been lost. Such as the PlayStation Move, losing the online battle to Xbox Live even though the PlayStation’s service was free.  And can we please not bring up the despicable over hyped PlayStation Home, or the highlight of last years E3 the WonderBook… what were they thinking?  Even the great controller inspired from the original PS1 days starts to show its age. A Dualshock without rumble support, and not to mention the small form of the controller, leaving adult gamers longing for a controller that fits snug in their hands.

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25 Comments on Why Sony Should’ve waited to Unveil the PS4 at E3

  1. what? do you know what sony is showing at e3? then most of your article is shit. so what if at e3 they showw five more ps4 games 2 exclusive their new kinect camera and some hidden features. That a win win for me. Plus It sets the bar really high from microsoft. Really what can Ms show to ge tthe hard core motivated. Also we dont know about the network yet.

  2. Whatever. Sony did what they did. They really don’t need to ask you when they should announce their new console.

    • Yes, they did and it was a massive disappointment for most unbiased gamers and journalists. Only PS fanboys called the meeting a success.
      Journlist weren’t even offered a drink or allowed a talk at the end of it and most were not looking happy when they left the building.

  3. Well written article. Well done. Sony isn’t the Sony they once were and are pretty jumpy and desecrate right now. They needed to do something desperate to try to slow down Microsoft. And they failed.

  4. Where were the PS3 game announcements during a PS4 reveal? Are you serious? Why would they show games for the PS3 when the conference was titled “The Future of PlayStation”? What… Last of Us, God of War, and Beyond: Two Souls aren’t enough? Mind you this is after releasing Ni No Kuni and Sly. They showed several PS4 games nobody was expecting which was a pleasant surprise. And PS has the best original IPs of any system. Nintendo is a close second in that regard, but most their IPs are rehashes of titles we’ve played for 2 decades. MS has a better library than Sony or Nintendo? You sir must be an Xbox troll of the trolliest kind. Somewhere out there, the underbelly of a bridge is calling you back. I suggest you return.

  5. Failstation 4 // March 1, 2013 at 10:12 pm // Reply

    sony are running scared.

    That little ‘surprise’ bit of fluff was a knee jerk reaction to Xbox360 outselling the ps3.

    sony are desperate… and it shows.

    ps4 could easily be sony last console EVER 🙂

  6. This is one of the worst articles I have ever read. Sony comes out and reveals more than they needed to, quite frankly, and people still aren’t pleased. Folks want to complain because they didn’t see a shiny box. Wow. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Sony gave us the tech specs and showed some games. Job very well done. You want more? Tune in come E3. Til then, stop your bitching. As an owner of a 360 and PS3, Sony showed me exactly what I needed to see in the reveal, which is a reason and a desire to dissect what they will have to offer at E3. They whet gamers appetites, and it was done magnificently. Knowing that they have the 50 caliber rounds of Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, etc. etc. still left in the chamber, you all should be salivating at what we may see come June. If you’re not, you’re not paying enough attention and maybe this gaming thing really isn’t for you anymore.

  7. SONY HAD TO ANNOUNCE IT EARLIER BECAUSE OF THE INVESTORS FEAR. SONY is now on ‘JUNK’ status for losing so much money and in BILLIONS of DEBTS.

    EVEN WORST, SONY’s OFFICE in TOKYO is now for SALE, because of the financial concern. YET sony slaves don’t want to admit it.

  8. keep in mind that Sony did not play all their cards in one basket, but gave us enough to wet our pallets. The only thing I was disappointing about as the absence of Agent, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and The Guardian E3 and GDC couldn’t come sooner for Sony.

  9. Solid Snake Guy // March 2, 2013 at 1:06 am // Reply

    Seems as if the author has something against Sony. The Killzone: SF demo they showed during the “announcement” of the Playstation 4 seems legit. Herman Hulzt from Guerrilla Games was as the Jimmy Fallon show the day after Killzone was shown at the Playstation Meeting, and they actually passed Fallon the control which proved it was real-time gameplay. The author also seems uninformed on a subject he probably knows nothing about, which is the Playstation in general. The U.I. of the Playststion 3 is called the XMB (Xross Media Bar), don’t just generalize if you want to make a point, also the XMB won several awards for its functionality. The Xbox 360 is pretty awesome but, don’t forget both consoles (360,PS3) had bad launch SKUs, we had an over expensive system, and a box that died after over use. Also, I think Sony did a good job by announcing a unified GPU/CPU (which has never existed) and of course Sony have also confirmed the PS4 will be on display at E3, with hands-on time for a few lucky attendees. Furthermore, I excited to see what Microsoft has in store, what has me worry is that Microsoft is too quiet. If the specs that were leaked a while are somewhat true the nextbox will be somewhat inferior to the PS4, no doubt both will have great looking games, but the PS4 will have more power under the hood. As for the author; Mr Ray, I believe you should stop writing like an enraged 13 year teenager, perhaps let the ladies of the site keep writing the articles. On the contrary, that is my opinion and I in no way can stop you from doing what you like, but please stop trolling. This article was meant for the hits I just hoped no one took it seriously.

    some guy

  10. This is the only article where I can point out a problem with literally every single argument in it.
    Past:First off PS move and xbox live aren’t counterparts to each other. How do you quantify which online service “won?” You’re going to call wonderbook one of sony’s biggest losses? Fine every single gimmicky game the Kinnect has had is a major loss: I’m looking at you, all of them. I am tired of the controller thing. I have bigger hands than most people I know, and I have never had any problems with either controller. Also it is arranged in a fashion so that you can press a lot more buttons at once than its 360 counterpart (try holding the up directional and turn left at the same time).
    Present: Where are all the ps3 games? Demon’s souls, god of war series, killzone series, resistance series, uncharted series, infamous series, gran turismo 5, heavy rain, the last of us, little big planet series, MGS4/MGO, 4 Ratchet and Clanks, warhawk. There are a lot more than the 22 I listed above, those are just the highly known titles. Can we all just admit that bethesda sucks at programming? Every game they make is super glitchy on every platform. Why is the price point to high in the present section? It’s $250! That is a very reasonable price. The UI works perfectly, this is seriously the first time I have heard people say it is bad. What games are you playing that take 4 hours to install? The longest I have ever had to wait is maybe 30 minutes, and it makes loading way faster FYI. Also, the updates are maybe once a month and they take 5-10 minutes to install. The press conference was for the ps4 why would they talk about the vita? No build up? It had been apparent an announcement was coming from sony or microsoft for months. They gave this entire conference to one platform because they are covering 3 different platforms at e3, they needed 2 hours dedicated to the PS4 unveil. People would be mad if they were going to ignore the vita and ps3 on e3. Also, that wasn’t a trailer, it was gameplay. Also, notice how the new killzone is launching in the ps4 launch window? That is what the game will look like obviously. You may be right about the ps4 not being shown… what if they were really doing it all on a $4000 gaming pc?? The only people that care about them not showing the actual console are people who are trying to find any “problem” possible. There is also a good chance that the design for the case isn’t completely finalized at this point anyways.

  11. Sony are absolutely scared shitless.
    Their console userbase got slashed in half this gen and their handheld userbase is practically non-existent anymore.
    Sony is the brand of failure in everything that they do and why they are becoming a ghost even in Japan. They have to sell their assets to generate money they can spend, which is absolutely pathetic!

  12. Poor Sony, how the mighty have fallen. Arrogant asshats deserve it with their underwhelming conferences and overhype that doesn’t deliver! Their CEO’s just lie to make thing look great when they aren’t.

    • That conference was definitely anything but underwhelming. Most analysts expected it to last for less than an hour. They also doubted they’d show off any games, expecting only a video montage. Nobody expected specs to be revealed. But Sony gave a 2 hour presentation, released specs, and showed several games! Also, we live in an increasingly rapid tech advancement age. Google and Apple have come on strong in the tech market the last few years and they’re only getting stronger. Their are rumors of Apple TVs and Google devices everywhere. Not only is this tripping up Sony but it’s also effecting M$ and Nintendo. Dell is already running on fumes and they used to be a PC powerhouse, but Apple knocked them down. MS failed with Zune and are about to epically fail with their recently released tablet that is budgetly priced at $1200, lol. The tech world is changing fast and Everyone that isn’t Apple or Google are on the ropes. I think only one of the big 3 consoles can survive past this next gen, and I hope it’s Sony.

      • For many gaming enthusiast. The PS4 announce WAS very underwhelming indeed. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if there is 1 company to survive, it definitely WON’T be Sony with their massive debts and JUNK credit rating. They will die trying.

        • Nintendo seems most likely to fail this gen. I don’t know how anyone could think differently. I don’t see how that press conference was underwhelming. It was a lot more than what I expected, and it set them up to have a lot to talk about this E3.

  13. LAMO, this guy is a moron. No game console has ever been unveiled at E3, and for good reason. It’s better to have all the spotlights solely on the console at a private event. He’s coming out with all these faults that SONY has made (valid points), but fails to acknowledge that they’re going to end this gen in second place, even after Microsoft’s 1 year head start and Nintendo’s casual dominance.

    • PS3 is still 3rd place by about 1.5 million units according to both companies’ financial reports. Those are the only hard numbers and not makebelieve IDC reports.
      Sony will remain last place with the PS3 and VIta until well into the next generation.

      • The gap used to be 9 million. The PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide most of this generation and will continue to do so, because it’s in more markets. The largest markets for the 360 are the U.S. and the UK, which are now saturated. The PS3 on the other hand has a much larger footprint, so will continue to sell during the next gen.

        • I never said the PS3 wouldn’t surpass the 360, but it will be well into the next gen when they will and that’s the hollowest victory there is and won’t matter that much anymore. As you say, it sold because of being in more markets and not because of merit.
          MS is a company with vastly more financial power than Sony and they already held the reigning brand at bay in their second gen. Next gen will be even worse for Sony, you can count on it as Microsoft is already expanding the Xbox brand in more and more countries with Windows 8 on the PC and Windows Phone right now (even more countries than the PS3 sells in right now). I’m sure they’ll launch Xbox consoles in those countries next gen as well.

          • The PS3 is in more markets because more market WANT the console and that deserves merit. You don’t think MS tried to get their product in as many markets as possible? Why do you think they’re still trying to sell their product in Japan even though it has sol abysmally since the day it launched. And explain to me how selling the most consoles towards the end of a generation when profits per console are higher is worse than having front loaded sales when the console was sold at a loss? You’re right that MS is financially more powerful, yet they’ll still end up third best when it’s all said and done. Maybe you forgot that the Genesis outsold the SNES for most of the 4th gen, but eventually lost. Do you think that’s irrelevant too? Where is the new SEGA console?

        • Wrong, the PS3 is in the most market because of last gen, and nothing more than that. Last gen Sony sold 150 million consoles worldwide with much wider market penetration and now that value has been cut in half.
          The most profits aren’t made right now as the prices have been slashed the most as well (especially in the case of the PS3). The 360 has gone the longest without a pricecut.
          The new SEGA console is the Vita as it’s selling worse than the Dreamcast. The PS4 will very likely follow the same trend as the Sony and PlayStation brands have already lost immense popularity during this gen.

          • You must live in a MS fantasy world. You clearly don’t know anything about cost/profit ratios if you think the price of the PS3 matters if it still makes a profit versus a loss.
            And when MS unveils their new console BEFORE E3, I bet you and this “journalist” will pull a complete 180 and say it was a good move to announce the console before E3.

  14. Wow, this is genius! Hold a whole, Hyped, Live-Stream conference, advertise it as “The future of Playstation” and then show a bunch of Current-Gen PS3 games. Who wrote this article? Oh, wait I know who. An XBox fanboy. Somehow, you have failed to grasp any single thing from the conference. The way Vita is part of their future is far more relieving to its owners than showing Golden Abyss 2, Killzone or Motorstorm, this way, FPS, RPG and Platform fans know that their purchase is going to be valued far more than any game or application reveal. As for the PS3, the conference was in February, PS4 won’t be in stores until “Holiday 2013” so, November, so people will still play their PS3s for a full year before they might buy one. What would you like Sony to do? Re-announce God of War Ascension, The Last Of us & Beyond: Two Souls? They will be sure to remind you of thses great IPs at E3, but this way, Sony have 3 days to do what they like! Hang PS4 & Last of Us banners on the outside, have Vita booths with new IPs on the show floor and reveal the PS4, stealing back the Thunder of Microsoft who would otherwise Steal & “Win” the show. Sony Execs have said there are still major unannounced titles for PS3, don’t forget Ground Zeroes, GT6 and GTAV and Watch Dogs have all been slated for release on Current Gen.
    Try and cast your mind back to Feb 2009 when KZ2 was released, forget the stilted objections to the prerendering and remember the game, can you really question its significance? It holds 91 on Metacritic after 4 years and had only been surpassed graphically by it’s own spawn, KZ3. Some may prefer the tight, twitchy shooting in CoD, the speedy and responsiveness of Battlefield or the exclusivity of Halo or Gears, or even, like me, the series defining Resistance 3, but Guerilla are in a technical field all their own for now and Shadow Fall only confirms that, in realtime footage.

    So in future, before writing a piece on a subject you appear to have picked out of a hat, research all the information you need to at least SOUND informed, even if you aren’t, rather than leave an impession of a clueless teaboy who happened across an unlocked PC in the office.


  15. Dude-I hope they pay you for that biased article.
    It is pretty much crap for a single person,trying to sound objective but only bashing Sony in a hidden way.
    You are desperately mentioning the things that went wrong to throw as much dirt at the ps4 as you can and ignoring the rest as good as you can.
    (The inevitable Killzone2 picture shows your real intention

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