Why Sony Should’ve waited to Unveil the PS4 at E3

The gaming industry has been a big game of poker.  With short stacks coming and going, to even seeing big companies go on tilt and lose all of their chips.  Yep here is to looking at you THQ, thanks for the wonderful memories.  In the past big names like Sega and even the legendary Atari lost their stacks. Newbies from small time fund-raisers have recently come into the game, Occulus, and the Ouya to name a few.  But none are as big as the current chip leaders at the table: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.  So why would Sony raise the stakes so high on a hand that isn’t made yet?


Whether you like to admit it or not the PlayStation 3 console didn’t perform as well as Sony had hoped. Sure some battles were won such as setting HD disc standard to Blu-Ray and more recently the PS Plus idea with free games being offered has really resurged the interest in the platform.  Not to mention some killer apps such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance.

Does this look like Killzone 2 to you?
Does this look like Killzone 2 to you?

Yet even the battles Sony has won, more battles have been lost. Such as the PlayStation Move, losing the online battle to Xbox Live even though the PlayStation’s service was free.  And can we please not bring up the despicable over hyped PlayStation Home, or the highlight of last years E3 the WonderBook… what were they thinking?  Even the great controller inspired from the original PS1 days starts to show its age. A Dualshock without rumble support, and not to mention the small form of the controller, leaving adult gamers longing for a controller that fits snug in their hands.

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