Respawn Entertainment to Show their New Game at E3

One of the former founders of Infinity Ward and the Call of Duty franchise is stirring the nest at Activision again.  This time in the form of a couple of Tweets on Twitter.  Vince Zampella has stated that Respawn Entertainment will be on the E3 show floor this year.  Making this the first game he has worked on since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

You may recall shortly after the release of MW2 that not all was well in the house that Infinity Ward built.  With a class action lawsuit slammed against Activision by the founders Vince Zampella and Jason West. Now that the smoke has cleared the two have team up with their former publisher EA and plan on sticking it to good ole’ Acti.

After this tweet Vince Zampella clarified that Respawn Entertainment is ready to show off the goods.

Having announced already that they are indeed working on a shooter.  Do you think this game can take down the recently shown Destiny by Bungie?  Who also happens to be in cahoots with Activision?  Only time will tell, but expect some kind of information on Respawns new game before E3!

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