Tomb Raider T-Shirt Giveaway

In celebration of the new re-vamped Tomb Raider title being released from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, we are giving away 5 Exclusive Tomb Raider T-Shirts. So far we have only heard great things regarding the new Tomb Raider, not to mention it has an online element with different multiplayer modes. Most importantly it seems that Crystal Dynamics has taken many measures to see that the game is an enjoyable experience for veteran fans as well as newcomers to the franchise with many events held to have people in the industry as well as retailers test out the game. We even got to play it at a private event and you can read our hands on preview here.


Tomb Raider T-Shirt wearing GamersBliss


By pre-ordering Tomb Raider they have different items depending on the retailer but no matter what you get a special digital Scavenger Hunt code to unlock multiplayer unlocks and start at level 5 immediately which you can use at – To view all the pre-order bonus items and special editions go here. Check out the Exclusive red Tomb Raider Controller and Achievements/Trophies here. A ton of screenshots for game can be seen here.

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To enter for a chance to win one of the five Tomb Raider shirts just comment below with ONE ITEM you would take with you if you had to survive alone on your own. (I.E. Knife, Swiss Army Knife, Matches, Generator to Power the Gaming Console that you built from scratch). Whatever it is just post it below and make sure you leave a correct e-mail so we may contact you if you win. All winners will be picked at random and will only be able to accommodate viewers that live in the United States or Canada for this giveaway. Although we may add additional items to accommodate viewers from other areas, as of now we cannot though we well update you if this changes. We will also be holding additional giveaways this coming month to accommodate anyone, such as Gears of War: Judgement codes and more! Enter now!

Note: Please reply ASAP if you are picked as a winner as we will be forced to choose someone else if you do not reply.


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