Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Adds Cross-Region and Off-TV Play

Capcom announced today that 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' for the Wii U will support cross-region online servers and off-tv play in a future software update. The cross-region support is great news, considering many people have friends in other parts of the world, or for the simple fact that a joint between regions means more people to hunt with. However, cross-region is limited to North American and European servers, which means no hunting with Japanese players, as well as Central and South American players, but hey, this should be more than enough for many. Perhaps one day Capcom will release a software update to link every region; baby steps at a time. Now in regards to the off-tv play, what this basically means is you get to play on the Wii U gamepad alone without the use of the TV, but you probably knew that already. This feature was originally omitted in 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' with no definite reason as to why, but Capcom did us a real big favor, considering this game is a big grinder and you would probably end up hogging the television. Besides, who doesn't like killing monsters and making clothing and well-done steaks out of their sorry carcasses all in the comfort of your own bed? Rhetorical, I know who doesn't (*shivers*), but that's besides the point. -Keep an eye out for the update, which is expected to be out sometime in April. 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' (for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) to be released on March 19, 2013 in North America and March 22, 2013 in Europe, with a day-1 digital release and DLC support.

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