The 5 Most Annoying Zelda Enemies

Annoying Zelda Enemies

The Legend of Zelda just celebrated its 26th birthday on February 21st last week.  So naturally we have decided to look at some of the enemies found in the land of Hyrule. Link has battled tons of monsters throughout the 26 years, including himself. But not just any monster from Ganon’s army can make this list. As it will be based on the 5 of the most annoying Legend of Zelda enemies.

5. Armos Statue

Is this thing Real or Fake? Annoying Zelda Enemies

Which one is fake?

In the old days in order for Link to progress he would have to find out which statue can be awakened. Then defeat it in order to find the hidden passageway, simple yet annoying at times. Especially since they respawn after the screen crawl every time! Now days the Armos Statue is one of the hardest enemies thanks to the Skyward Sword.  First you must get use the gust bellows and spin the windmill like object on top of its head.  Then you must line up your sword slashes to hit the crystal which is the weak spot.  However, due to the motion controls this turns out to be one of the hardest enemies to defeat.  Then again you could just use a bomb in order to blow the statue up.

4. Wallmasters

wallmasters wallmasters go go away! Annoying Zelda Enemies

Can you give me a hand?

A creepy tune plays, as a shadow engulfs you and then… damn!  Quickly you realize you are back at the beginning of the dungeon. Thanks to one handy monster, the wallmaster.  These amputated hands attack Link when he least expects it and can put a player into frustration mode.  Aside from transporting Link back to the front door(or specific room depending on the game) they can be a tough foe for the Hero of Time.  With some that regenerate and spawn quickly to others that are able to take a large amount of damage.  The key to taking these critters down is to keep moving and follow-up with a counter attack, just don’t throw that controller if you let one of the wallmasters to get a hold of you.

3. Like Like

WTF is this thing? Annoying Zelda Enemies

What the hell is this thing doing to Link?

Like Like, where did my shield go, nope this isn’t a blonde joke either!  Everyone that has ever played Ocarina of Time has seen those strange critters on the shore of Hyrule Lake. Admit it you went to investigate the strange monster that seemed to be infected with the T-Virus.  Unfortunately if you don’t kill these blobs of flesh fast enough, they will devour your shield.  This will force gamers to shell out more rupees in order to get another one.  Make sure you remember that they eat shields whenever you see something that looks… Like Like, what kind of name is that anyways?

2. ReDead

Noooo Sunnn Soonnnnng Annoying Zelda Enemies

Noooo Sunnnn Sooonnnnggg….

AHHHHHHH!  That deafening scream is still played in my nightmares.  A paralysis comes over our brave hero whenever he crosses the sight of one of these ReDead.  These monsters are the zombies of the Zelda franchise.  As once they get close to Link they munch on the flesh of our pointy eared hylain. As the franchise has progressed these reanimated hylians have become more and more deadly.  In the Twilight Princess they are given swords along with the ability to freeze players, making them a much tougher foe to deal with.

1. Ra (Dragon Heads)

Seriously... I was 10 XP away from leveling up...Annoying Zelda Enemies

A flying dragon head… really?

If any enemy on this list deserves the most annoying award it is this guy.  Not only will this enemy hit you on more than one occasion on your play through of Zelda 2: Links Adventure.  The dragon heads will also take away a small amount of precious experience points as well.  Leaving you to cringe every time you are close to leveling up while on your last life and BAM this monster hits you during his wavy path across the screen.

What enemy from the Legend of Zelda franchise is the most annoying for you?

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