Metal Gear Rising: Revengance DLC Announced

The great people and minds at Platinum Games have announced plans to release DLC for the hit game Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, Three separate packs have been announced so far and it’s all great add-on content for the fans of the game and gamers alike. First of the three packs are 30 VR missions (Exclusive to PS3) also included in the pack is the Snake Soul Wooden sword which get this… talks like SOLID SNAKE! So glad to see David Hayter return to voice the character and see Snake involved in the Rising universe even as a talking sword. Also included are a side-scrolling objective and a fixed camera.

Jet Stream Sam the villain for Revengance will also be a playable character , while no details or images have been shown the fact that Sam can be controlled by gamers will be an announcement worth waiting for and even more worth while hands on time.

Lastly our little assistant LQ-84i aka Bladewolf is the final (Hopefully not the last) star as a playable character (Chainsaw Tail may or may not be included.) Playing as the dog companion serves as a deeper means to explore Rising’s story and world.

No word on when these DLC are being released or even if there in development information is great to start with and is the place to be in touch with the games you all love to play.

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