Is the PS4 Making the Same Mistakes as the Wii U?

As of now the only two 100 percent confirmed next-gen consoles are Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. These two consoles are surly competing against one another although the big battle between Microsoft and Sony has yet to begin. It can be said that Nintendo has been making some huge mistakes over the past few years with their Wii and Wii U consoles. After a huge press conference confirming the PS4 is on its way, players immediately started comparing the two confirmed consoles. With the thought of the Wii U and how many mistakes have been made clear to the gaming community gamers are beginning to wonder if the PS4 will follow in its footsteps.

First of all let’s decide what the Wii U has actually done wrong then we will stir this article in the direction on if we think Sony is making the same to similar mistakes with the newly announced PS4.

Wii U

The Wii U is a fine console, it has made some huge improvements that help it run with current-gen consoles but that is mistake number one; the Wii U runs with current-gen consoles. After years of gimmicks with the Wii, hardcore gamers lost interest swinging their arm around the room to play as their favorite characters. The casual game that came out with the Wii as well as the lack of third-party games forced a disrespecting outlook from that important hardcore audience.

Upon the release of the Wii U Nintendo promised to fix their gimmicked motion controller option while making sure that a pro controller was accessible for hardcore fans. Even with the release of this controller it is not being used. As a side note players now swing a touch pad around the room instead of a remote, if not both. Yes, this is an improvement but it is also a mistake to not offer players to play some of the largest release titles with the controller option they longed to use.

Nintendo’s third and largest mistake revolved around games. They released a console with a large variety of games but none of these titles were stand alone. The New Super Mario Bros U was a game played from running across one side of the screen to the next just like most all the Mario games seen on the Wii. It was cheap, easy to make and lost enjoyment after a few days of playing it. They also lost their exclusive rights to Raymen Legends. There were some major mistakes with actual games on the Wii U. Everyone wants to see Mario in a 3D world just like Super Mario 64 but instead they make it “the year of Luigi” and ignore their issues by putting Luigi in the spotlight and focusing more attention on the 3DS.


Now we ask ourselves, is Sony making these same mistakes with the PS4? The answer is a sure fire… NO! Sony is thankfully doing everything right so far with the announcements they have made regarding their upcoming console, the PS4. They showed their controller, maybe not the console yet but oh well. The controller was classically shaped like how PlayStation has always had their controller but upgraded with improvements. This is something that will feel classic to the PlayStation pro and something that is not disappointing to any of the previous PlayStation audience.

Sony is not relying on gimmicks. They still do have the PS Move of course, with the improvements they have made to that but it was far from the primary focus. The motion controls used with the Move is focused on a casual audience so that option is still available for them. They also made huge spec improvements that draw the line exactly where current-gen and next-gen differs.

The PS4 press conference offered a healthier variety of games that gamers will love. None of these games seemed cheap nor did any of them look like knock-offs of what we have been playing for years. These games were truly next-generation titles. There are some promised Sony exclusives in the bunch that looked to-die-for as well as third party titles with contracts promising early DLC/ ect to PS4 players. All the right cards were played at the Sony press conference.

Wii U vs PS4

The PS4 and the Wii U can be compared but it is obvious which console is in the spotlight. We believe the PS4 isn’t making any of the same mistakes as Nintendo has with the Wii U. What do you think? Can these be compared? Is the Wii U better than the PS4? It is always the gaming community’s opinion that matters the most.
Microsoft should be on its way with a next-gen Xbox announcement within the coming months. This will be an exciting moment that will give us more to compare but as of now all solid information about the console is on lock down. We can’t wait to see how Microsoft’s next-gen console compares to the two that we already know about!

7 Comments on Is the PS4 Making the Same Mistakes as the Wii U?

  1. Dirty Sanchez // February 27, 2013 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    Very Good Article but I think the Ps Move is another gimmick of the wii controller. Playstation really didn’t show how it would work on a games like killzone or Destiny. I thought they were not only competing with the xbox system but the actual kinect itself. They also didn’t show the actual console. If your only gonna show the people the controller why not show the move controller as well with the games. No Dancing Dolls or band is gonna make me want to buy this product. But we will have to wait when Microsoft will be showing there new system. In the near future I hope you can write more good articles like this and not turn like these fanboys.

  2. I think the Wii U is a bit past the confirmed status…More like released, for 3 months now. I know you mention that it’s released but according to the headline of the article, you might be confused about the whole situation. Check it out for yourself, they’re all over store shelves…mainly because they’re not selling.

  3. wii u will turn around like all systems do

  4. PS4 will have good performance, but it’s control input is still essentially the same as what they used in the late 90’s, only now their dual shocks will be far more expensive.
    The WiiU pad potential hasn’t been scratched yet. Still awaiting use of NFC feature. Leave it to Nintendo’s sport n fitness games later to do what PS4 may never be able to achieve.
    Also the Vita connection won’t compete against gamepad. Firstly Nintendo can still do the same trick with 3DS (which is dominating). 2ndly, Vita screen is too small to forfill the same in game purpose/applications. WiiU game pad screen is just bately enough.3rdly ur asking Playstation goers to invest a fortune to have both Vita and PS4. 4thly WiiU gamepad has a dedicated connection. Vita depending on a WiFi link to PS4 will have connection latencies.
    pS4 with a no doubt far higher launch price (WiiU deluxe included a game), more expensive peripherals. And with most ppl just buying into PS3 now. Sony will have a monumental task of convincing consumers to lash out on PS4 comes launch. Sony fans forget this is a rock bottom market we’re in.
    WiiU has already performed better than 360/PS3 in their respective sales frames in a much better economy

  5. I think Nintendo isn’t making a mistake with luigi. A 3d mario is allready announced but to give some games in the meantime they use luigi.


  7. Even worse as Sony is relying on copycatting everyone else’s succeful features and not delivering on any of them.
    NONE of the right cards were played at the Sony conference, especially if you were there. Everyone left the room underwhelmed and didn’t even get a drink.

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