GOW VS GOW- Which Game will be More Impressive?

Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension share more in common than the same initials. With great similarities, as well as, vast differences these game are actually a subject to be compared. Gears of War: Judgment is of course exclusive to Xbox, as God of War: Ascension is to PS3, which makes these game all the more competitive towards one another. While as these games play for different teams, they are both a new direction for a beloved series. Both titles are set to release within a week of the other so the stakes are high. Putting all else aside, what the comparison really comes down to is which game will be more impressive than the other.

Gamers can compare Gears of War and God of War all they want. Although they are separate games with separate motive on completely different consoles Xbox fanboys will probably always lean toward Gears as PlayStation people will fight for God of War. What we are really trying to get at with this article is how both series are facing changes right now and those changes are very similar. It’s all in the matter of which game will live up to its name with all the changes that have taken place.

Gears of War Judement Multiplayer

Gears of War was an instant hit for Xbox 360 fans. Gamers fell in love with how gruesome the game was with such an understandable story. There was something unique and different about the game that the fans grew to love over the course of 3 major releases. Players loved the co-op experience but they also gravitated to the epic multiplayer experience. This is a series that stayed true to itself much like God of War has and that is something players loved. From the characters to the game play, the Gears of War series always proved to be an instant win.

On March 19th the next game in the series is set to release, Gears of War: Judgment. This is a prequel to the rest of the series. The game features two of the more familiar COGs while abandoning the fan favorites; this was a bold move. In the game fans will discover what happened prior to E-Day which will surly answer some questions that remained present through the entire series. Gears of War: Judgment also features its first ever free-for-all multiplayer mode and a new twist to the classic multiplayer with Over Run. All the new that is going to be added into Judgment that fans haven’t got to experience in a Gears of War game seems so right.

God of War Ascension

The God of War series has been around for years. With the constant hits of the series players know exactly what to expect from God of War: Ascension. This is a series that helped remind players why they love those Sony exclusive games. It is a game that makes you feel badass. God of War is a series that lets players connect to the character they are embodying, feel his pain, know his hardships. This series proved to be one of PlayStations most successful games and it is not planning to step off its thrown with God of War: Ascension.

God of War Ascension is, like Judgment, a prequel to the God of War series. This too is where all the unanswered questions players longed to answer will be answered. God of War: Ascension is a game that will be the first in the series to feature multiplayer period. After hands-on time with the multiplayer mode, it fits so perfectly with the title. These two are major changes for fans. Will the changes we see with God of War: Ascension once again show the great joy that we have seen in all the past God of War games… Probably.

It is really a matter for the fans to decide. Putting console preference aside for a minute; which game do you think will bring in the great changes better? If you are and Xbox 360 fan do you think God of War: Ascension sounds any better than Gears or if you are a PlayStation 3 fan do you think Gears of War: Judgment will do it better than Ascension? We want to hear your opinion on this matter. Even though they are truly hard games to compare they are also easy to see similarities in. Leave a comment about how you feel on these two games in the comment box below.

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  1. I dont know man, after the demo released yesterday, i may go with GOW:A. Although GeOW:J Will certainly rule ass!

  2. Looking at these games, I think they will both be absolutely gorgeous. Personally, I look forward to God of War a bit more because of the Mythology angle. Add to this the 5 previous games that I have invested time into. I hold no grudge against Gears of War, but for my money, I’m going after God of War: Ascension.

  3. lol.

    God of War >>>>>x100000>>>>> Gears of War.


    Every God of War game has been a master piece. God of War: Ascension has perfected everything from its predecessor and has an amazing (I tried the beta) new multiplayer component.

    Gears 1 had a great campaign & multiplayer.

    Gears 2 has a great campaign & broken multiplayer.

    Gears 3 had an awful campaign & great multiplayer.

    My impression of everything I’ve seen about Gears J is that it has an awful campaign & dumbed down multiplayer.

  4. I personally (not going to lie) am a Playstation guy. I have an Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3, though. To me personally, and keep in mind I have not read much about either title, I think God of War: Ascension will turn out better, critically and commercially. I say this because while both series are really, really big, I think Sony put some effort in putting something new in. Multiplayer was received with positive acclaim from the public beta testers.

    Gears of War: Judgment however, looks cool. I think if I had to choose, it’d be a dead tie. God of War and Gears of War are both awesome games, I just think God of War: Ascension will do better. Looking at the pre-orders from VGChartz, both are lower than their previous installments, but God of War is beating out Gears by I think 80-90 thousand pre-orders, and the fact that they put a demo out means they’re confident that it will at a critical success.

    I’ll be getting both, just cause I like both series and People Can Fly seem to really care about Judgment, so I have faith in them 🙂

  5. GEARS of pauper Kratos any day.

    Poor PauperStation bots…crying that their PoS franchise hasn’t sold nearly as well as Gears.
    And now God of War has the crappiest multiplayer tacked on to boot. GTFO Sony!

  6. Hm…. Actually, I’ve played through every single God of War game. Some I’ve actually played twice. Gears of War was always the one game that had me hanging onto my Xbox 360. The day Gears of War is ported to a Sony platform, I can sell my Xbox 360 and put the sales money to something better. Gears was that awesome. However, I’m getting God of War on release day and Gears of War is going to sit on the shelf and wait until its $30 and then I might pick it up. The creator and backbone of the series just left Epic Games. Somethings up. Rod Fergesson went to Irrational Games and Cliffy B. is gone alltogether hoping to be picked up by….. Capcom, really? No, Gears of War isn’t the same and last I checked, its sales are going to be down. Fewer gamers actually Pre-Ordered Gears of War. Its possible Gears of War is on the downslope and this is probably the last in the series.

  7. AncientGamer // February 28, 2013 at 4:13 am // Reply

    The demo single-player campaign is epic as well.

  8. What a stupid comparison – comparing the fact that they are both exclusives; nonsense! And PLEASE the original GOW will always beat Gears!! Gears is for retards who can’t read and think COD has a good plot and storyline much like gears! Gears is for little children, GOW is not!

  9. Gears. Kratos is officially a mama’s boy.
    Gears a bazillion times over God of War.

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