Annoying things Only Gamer Gurls Do

Gamer Gurls

Before we start out our, oh so long, list lets clarify exactly what a gamer gurl is and isn’t. A gamer gurl is not a female who enjoys playing video games. Females who like video games are totally different than the gamer gurl. Gamer gurls are girls who game for attention. Gamer gurl, gamer girl and girl gamer are terms that are commonly used to describe females who game but when logically thinking it is more offensive to be classified by gender instead of just being a gamer like everyone else. Some girls however use this term to their advantage and that advantage is for attention. These are the girls who put controller cords in their mouth or stick on a pair of nerd glasses to try and be sexy. These are the girls who use their sexuality to propel themselves to undeserved notoriety for being a girl in the gaming industry.

We are not against girl gamers at all we respect and love ladies who enjoy gaming, this article does not apply to all women/all females who game/ ect but let’s be honest there are the girls out there who are dying for attention and gaming is the perfect thing for these girls to get the attention they want. These attention grabbers constantly set a negative example for the girls who are gamers because they enjoy gaming. Without them, other females wouldn’t get so much hate and disrespect from the community. So before any of the true female gamers get offended; know that this post is a spoof to the girls who don’t know what they are doing and try to use that stupidity to get attention from guys.
So what are the things that only gamer gurls do?


And so it begins, what annoying things do only gamer gurls do:


Only plays Call of Duty, Halo or Zelda and calls themselves a gamer.

Do homemade YouTube videos talking about popular games (most likely not bothering to get their facts straight) in sexy video game related outfits.

Get angry when other girls are in the same multiplayer match as them.

They spend more time on social networking sites saying they are a gamer than they do playing video games.

Make their gamertag or ID say something about being a girl with the number 69 in it. Example: ImaGurl69, SexyBunny69, PinkPrincess69

Suck on a controller/ controller cord and post the pictures all over the web.

Hashtag sexy, gamer, gamer girl and a specific video game title with a picture of only their body for the actual tweet.

Brags about being a girl who likes video games.

Offers clothing items or a game date for giveaways in return for likes, subscribes and follows.

Take a character, to cosplay, and make it sexier than it needs to be to attend a convention.

Gets offended when guys treat them like they are stupid or sex objects even though that’s how they present themselves.

Doesn’t mind jumping on UNO in the middle of the night with her top off.

Considers mobile and Facebook games a video game.

Joining a game and saying “Hey boys” before anything.

She either thinks it’s cute or she don’t know what she’s talking about (more likely) when she refer to Link as Zelda.

Talks about games on YouTube with her forehead cut off just to get her boobs in the shot.

Has more pictures of herself with video games, consoles, headsets, controller, action figures, comic books or ect. Than hours she has actually using or playing them.

They seriously use the term gamer gurl. No not girl gamer no not gamer girl… they really put a ‘u’ in it.

They say something seductive in a motto or bio to match their already girl-ified tag.

We know there are plenty more things these girl do to not only bring actual female gamers down but to gain popularity. If you have anything you would like to add to our growing list don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the box below. Remember ladies and gentlemen this is not aimed at the real females who enjoy video games, not the real gamers just the ones who use our favorite pastime as a way to get attention.

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