Kingdom Hearts X coming to PC

The Kingdom Hearts series knows how to tug at fans heart-strings with announcements and a lot of games in the library but now a new installment is coming and it’s not coming to the console you thought, think of the newly announced Kingdom Hearts X as Kingdom Hearts PC.

First off, we know that the game’s official title will be Kingdom Hearts χ. For the uninitiated χ, or chi, is a Greek letter that has played a minor role in the last few games in the series and, without getting into some pretty spoiler-y material, makes some sense as this game comes before all other games in the Kingdom Heartschronology. Kingdom Hearts χ will allow players to create a custom chibi avatar, much like the ones in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and battle through many familiar worlds while slaying heartless with their friends, all within their internet browser. We now know that players will progress by consuming some kind of energy that recharges over time. Impatient Keyblade wielders will be able to replenish this energy more quickly by using potions and elixirs that can be found in-game or purchased for real-world money. This model should be familiar to anyone who plays social games on Facebook or other social networks.


Seems like Square Enix might be wanting Kingdom Hearts to dominate all consoles and media outlets huh? Social games like Marvel Avengers on Facebook are fun so let’s give this a shot and see how it turns out. I’m hoping the Keyblade selection is to players liking (Oathkeeper and Oblivion please)

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