What the Next-Gen Xbox Can do to Win The Fans Attention

After the big reveal of the PS4 last week, players have been asking; where is Microsoft? While as some players are getting their hopes up that the PS4 will stay on top with possible upcoming announcements about a next-gen Xbox others are wondering how gamers can be making so many judgments on something that has not even been confirmed to be in one hundred percent existence. It can be assumed that Microsoft will be making a successor to their top console the Xbox 360 and it can be assumed that the announcement to that console will be coming soon to compete with their biggest rival, Sony’s PS4.

With the assumption that Microsoft stepping up and making that big announcement players are making judgments on how Sony will stay on top. Although the PS4 reveal was very impressive, nothing is set in stone that cannot be beat or matched by the next-gen Xbox. What is comes down to is, what can Microsoft do to win back the audience that the PS4 is currently holding?

Next-Gen Xbox Controller Fake

Players are proud of what they have seen with the PS4 and it’s oh so impressive specs. Gamers have gone as far as saying that Sony’s next-gen console is taking steps to compete with PC. PC has always and probably will always be on top when it comes to actual hardware and specs but to be a console compared to that is never the less amazing. The same gamers that are comparing the PS4 to the PC are also mentioning that Microsoft will really need to step up their game. A true statement indeed but let’s not forget who powers PC… Either way this is definitely a route that Microsoft will need to compete with the PS4 in even though it is more than likely this route is probably already covered.

One of the main things the next-gen Xbox is going to have to compete with is games. Sony made an impressive display on how their next-gen hardware will focus on games and gaming for the hardcore fan at that. A big fear that gamers have show revolving around a next-gen Xbox is the fear the company will remain focusing on a casual crowd. This would be a huge mistake for Microsoft as a casual crowd would have less of a reason to want to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology because it is likely they are fully satisfied with what they already own. A hardcore gaming crowd is searching for upgrades; they live off of that new technology and how their experience can be upgraded. The audience that any next-gen console should be appealing to is the audience that wants to buy. At this point in time the people who are looking to buy are none other than a hardcore gaming crowd.

The PS4 put its best foot forward with Social Gaming. The share option is something that most every gamer can use. This is a big thing that the next-gen Xbox will have to match if not overcome. It is side functions like the share button that will push players over the edge on which console they will side within the next-gen console battle.

Xbox '720'

Sony set the stage huge and it is Microsoft’s turn to step into the spotlight. Gamers might think their heart is already set on the greatness shown with the PS4 but with a possible next-gen Xbox around the corner we aren’t sure if being sure is the right option. While both consoles will present a great battle it will be up to the players to tell the high powered companies who won over their vote. It is in the player’s hands at who will win the battle and both companies already have a predetermined fan base. It is those middle-players who aren’t so sure on what to buy that will make the world of difference. Gamer’s opinions are the most important in a time like this. Which console are you more excited for? Do you think the next-gen Xbox can match or beat what was seen with the PS4? Are you dead set on what Sony showed off at the February 20th press conference? We want to know what you think. Leave a comment in the box below to join the battle of the next-gen console war!

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