Bioshock Infinite DLC and Season Pass announced

Fans of the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite have some good news coming there way, a season pass is being developed for the game and to top things off DLC has started production. The season pass will offer gamers three planned add ons providing “Hours of additional gameplay” Our adventure through the sky-city Columbia certainly won’t be cut short with us traveling often enough. Giving us new weapons, characters, abilities and adding more to the story is just the cherry on top of this great game.

In addition to that season pass holders will also have access to exclusive gear, damage upgrades for your machine gun and pistols,  gold skins for both pistol and machine gun, finally five infusion bottles that will increase your health, shields, or the ability to use Vigors which increase the number of salts you can carry.

If purchased separately these DLC packs will set you back a little over $30, but bought upfront with the season pass they’ll be available for $19.99 on PS3 and PC, and 1,600 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 ($20.00 / £13.71 / €19.20).

More hours to Bioshock Infinite that’s cool with gamers and were sure your putting in enough hours to the game either way and for that price it may not be something you would want to pass up on.

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