Gears of War: Judgment – ‘The Guts of Gears: Multiplayer’ Trailer, Multiplayer Details & More


Although Epic Games is not behind the development of the fourth Gears game in the franchise, Gears of War: Judgement, after getting a chance to play the game, I feel that current developers People Can Fly (Bulletstorm) can take on the task of bringing a great new title to the franchise. After all with Cliffy B. and other senior staff that had been with the Gears of War team throughout all three titles leaving Epic Games, we can really only hope for the best, but it is looking impressive so far.

[youtube id=”QrJZGA7M7KI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel to the original trilogy where you play as Kilo Squad with Baird leading the pack as well as a younger Cole Train in the crew. Most of the rest of the main characters are new to the Gears of War games but many have appeared in the comic books. Singleplayer already looks promising with co-op returning and new declassified single player challenges (like complete the mission only using pistols) which are key to the new 3 star campaign system which will help unlock many of the new items including customizable things such as weapon skins, armor skins (new), characters and more. The goal of the star system is to complete each mission with 3 stars which is based on how well you do, completing declassified challenges and the style you accomplish kills, etc. The more stars the more unlocks.

There is a new smart spawning system to spice things up in the campaign as well. New weapons include the Breech Shot (mid-range), Booska, Sawed-Off Shotgun now holds 2 shots per clip, the Markza (mid range sniper with unique scope), Beacon Grenade (see enemies through walls within radius), Stim-Gas Grenade (gain health within radius) and Frags now stick to enemies when thrown (also can be thrown with no windup delay). Now wield primary two-handed weapons with a Boomshield. New locusts include the morphing Rager and Shibboleth. In Gears of War: Judgement Multiplayer matches the better you do means the better and bigger the payoff. Complete matches to get Prizeboxes; inside players can earn XP bonuses along with exclusive unlocks like weapon and armor skins.

[youtube id=”OTrjQRDbWyM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

There is the returning Team Deathmatch in multiplayer along with Free for All pitting COG vs COG for the first time and the new OverRun Mode. OverRun consists of five player teams with COG vs Locust… any Locusts in the class based system which is detailed below.

OverRun Mode


Damon Baird – Engineer
– Weapons: Gnasher & Blowtorch (repairs damaged fortifications)
– Special abilities: Sentry turret
Augustus Cole- Soldier
– Weapons: Lancer & Booshka
– Special Abilities: Deploy ammo crates & toss ammo to allies.
Sofia Hendrik- Medic
– Weapons: Lancer & Sawed off shotgun
– Special Abilities: Stim Gas grenade / toss grenade at downed allies to revive them
Garron Paduk- Scout
– Weapons: Markza, Snub pistol, & Beacon grenade
– Special Abilities: Climb perches for better sniping leverage


– Role: Demolish fortifications and COGs with heavy melee.
– Special Ability: Burrow and move underground.
– Role: Lancer rifle, gnasher shotgun.
– Special Ability: Frag Grenade.
– Role: Hammerburst rifle, heal friendly units.
– Special Ability: Chain heal.
– Role: Devastate fortifications and COG soldiers with flail and shield.
– Special Ability: Spinning spike shield.
– Role: Eat through barriers, destroy COGs, ranged support.
– Special Ability: Spit poison.
– Role: Eat fortifications, eat grenades, detonate.
– Special Ability: Speed boost.
– Role: Leap over hazards, climb perches.
– Special Ability: Stunning scream.
– Role: Breechshot Rifle
– Special Ability: Drop Breechshot and rage out.

Gears of War: Judgement will be released on March 19th for the Xbox 360. You can find out all the pre-order bonuses here and get the Classic Hammerburst no matter where you pre-order the game. Walmart also have a special going on where by pre-ordering Gears of War: Judgement you will get a downloadable version of the firs Gears of War along with your choice of either Gears of War 2 or 3. Check out the campaign premiere trailer here.

Rooftops will be one of the maps returning from the original Gears of War and below are all the multiplayer COG characters you can play as:

– Damon Baird
– Aftermath Baird (Promo code from Brisk)
– Augustus Cole
– Sofia Hendrik
– Minh Young Kim
– Garron Paduk
– Ezra Loomis
– Young Marcus (Pre-Order from Gamestop/Game)
– Young Dom (Pre-Order from Amazon)
– Anya Stroud (Pre-Order from Best Buy)
– Onyx Guard
– Female Onyx Guard
– Alex Brand (Pre-Order from Microsoft Store/Shopto)
– Jungle Tai (Promo code from either specially marked Oberto Beef Jerky packages or the Lipton and Brisk Game On promotion)

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