Call of Duty Map Editor Could Change Gamers Views on the Declining Series

Call of Duty has become so large that it can be considered a household name. With the game releasing every year gamers have been excited for the consecutive releases but that love of the series will over time run out. People have grown to adore the series but that feeling will only last so long. With the announcement of Call of Duty 2013 on its way fans reaction was more of a sign than a smile. Gamers are assuming they will see the same thing from the series. They think they will see a refaced multiplayer and a changed story with re-finished levels. This is a disappointing thought for some. What gamers want is to hear about something that will remind them why they loved the series in the first place.

Players don’t want a refinished game that the company calls new they want something different that pays tribute to what made Call of Duty, Call of Duty. One great way to remind everyone why they fell in love with the game in the first place would be integrating a map editor into the multiplayer, zombie or spec ops portion of the game.

Call of Duty Elite

When we say making a map editing option we don’t just mean simple changes we mean letting players start with a completely blank canvas and adding to it from the ground up. Where do they want their buildings placed? If they want their favorite gun tossed on the ground in a corner, they can put it there. If they want dogs to span every 5 minutes they can make that happen. It should be left completely in the hands of the player in a Call of Duty map editor mode. If gamers were able to utilize the perk system without siding with either team and have them be more of an element to the map or take weapons and have them spawn where ever then that would give the game an entirely new experience.

Giving players the creative opportunity to make whatever they dreamed of in a game that has done such a great job of capturing their heart would give the declining series new life. Maybe this is an option for Call of Duty 2013. Something needs to be done to change the course of where this game is going and a simple yet creative fix like this would take what they have created to a whole new level. Not only could an advanced map editor work well with multiplayer but it could also be carried over to the sprate mode like spec ops or possibly in the future for zombies.

How do you feel about an advanced map editor for Call of Duty 2013? Is this something that would make you want to play the game or do you have any other ideas that would make a map editor on this game stand out? Leave a comment expressing your ideas in the comment box below.

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