Metal Gear Rising Revengance Launch Event Recap

metal gear rising revengance lauch party had the opportunity to attend the official Los Angeles launch event for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance The launch event took place at Universal City Walk, Hollywood. Fans lined up to wait for a signing by Producers, Yuji Korekado and Atsushi Inaba, as well as, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance swag. Fans were able to get a limited edition game insert, a collector’s art book and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance shirts signed by both of the producers at Gamestop. After the signing, 150 fans and several VIPs were invited to attend the exclusive launch party next door at Hard Rock Café. At the launch party there was an open bar featuring drinks themed from the game. Free food and beverages were also available. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance’s musical composer, Jamie Christopherson, preformed at the event as well. There were raffles and other giveaways. As the party ended, Gamestop reopened at midnight in order for fans to receive the game. As a special preorder bonus for this launch event, anyone who preorder and attend the event were able to get a MGS4 Raiden skin.

Check out our video recap below.

[youtube id=”s8PhTHdRecc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


A gallery of photos from the event can be viewed below:


metal gear rising revengance launch party table     The Konami Check-In Table

metal gear rising revengance lauch party

Some Launch Event Decor

SarahSpears with Fan

A fan with’s Sarah

Sarah Spears and Heather Spears

Heather Spears dressed as Snake and Sarah Spears dressed as MGR’s Courtney

Sarah in Courtney cosplay from metal gear rising revengance’s Sarah Spears as Courtney Collins

Sarah Spears with metal gear rising revengance developers

A photo with producers Yuji Korekado and Atsushi Inaba

Heather Spears cosplay


Heather Spears


metal gear rising revengance lauch party Drinks

A list of the MGR themed drinks that where available.

metal gear rising revengance lauch party Cosplayer

A cosplayer posing for fans.

metal gear rising revengance lauch party sarah spears and heather spears with a Fan

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