DMC Devil May Cry Vergil’s Downfall Information is a spoilers free website and a gaming site that doesn’t disrupt a gamer’s game whether they beat the game or not I’m not sure what one would consider spoilers but it’s better to be safe than sorry and I’m warning readers of minor spoilers tiny ones at that regarding the highly anticipated Vergil’s Downfall DLC releasing March 6th for PSN and the 7th for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Some information to provide regarding Vergil’s Gameplay and other things to note about the DLC will be explained here:

  1. You begin in familiar territory but don’t worry it’s only temporary as new environments and places will take you on a tour of more than a hell like plain but more possibly Vergil’s descent into insanity.
  2. Just like Dante, Vergil has access to Demon and Angel attacks or even stances (Not sure if that affects his only weapon we’ve seen being his trusty Yamato katana sword.
  3. Vergil get’s health and combat upgrades just like Dante and has his own achievements for fully upgrading said health and Devil Trigger.
  4. Vergil’s teleports work like Dante and his Angel Pull and Demon Pull you can either teleport towards an enemy or teleport them to you, dodging with teleports is also to be expected.

With Vergil’s Downfall so much closer in release date gamers can look forward to this and so much more content so be aware and keep an eye out for and don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@MrDarkPhoenix)

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