PlayStation Event Updates, Coming Holiday 2013

Update 1: PS4 officially announced

Update 2: X86 8-CORE CPU, 8gb of GDDR5 RAM, A Whole Hard Drive, Engaged PC GPU

Update 3: Offical controller revealed. The controller that was rumored is confirmed to be the official controller. Contains a share button for various social media sites. The controller also contains a touchpad.

Update 4: First game announced for PS4, Knack by Mark Cerny. The game follows a robot who is made to fight a war against Goblins.

Update 5: Various social features announced. Players can take over a game from another player online. When you first download a game, you can instantly play it while the rest of the game downloads. Players can share video clips from the game they are playing. Players can also live stream the game they are playing, just from the press of a button.

Update 6: Second game announced: Killzone: Shadow Fall. Killzone looks visually amazing. Killzone takes place on a different planet and follows the story of a cold war between two factions.

Update 7: Third game announced: Driveclub. A team based racing game. The game is a social driving game. You join a club and race against other clubs all around the world. Driveclub features a first person view and all cars are accurately recreated.

Update 8: Fourth game announced: Infamous: Second Sun. The game follows a superhuman in a futuristic police state.

Update 9: Jonathon Blow explains more about his newest game, The Witness. The Witness has been previously announced. It will be a PS4 exclusive.

Update 10: PS4 fully integrated with Gaikai

Update 11: Advanced skin shading using CGI technology.

Update 12: PS4 will come with 3D sculpting software. The sculpting technology will be used with the move controller.

Update 13: New engine announced: Codename: Panta Rhei. The engine is developed by Capcom and will fully take advantage of the PS4’s power.

Update 14: New game announced: Deep Down. The game follows a man in armor fighting dragons. Deep Down is made using the new Panta Rhei engine.

Update 15: Square Enix tech demo. Square Enix shows off what is possible on the PS4 with a gorgeous tech demo.

Update 16: Ubisoft updates us on Watchdogs, which will be a next-generation title.

Update 17: Ubisoft shows us a full new live demo of Watch Dogs. The game follows Adain Peirce as he helps stop crime in Chicago. The protagonist seems to be a vigilante of some kind.

Update 18: Nobody so this one coming. The vice president of Blizzard has taken the stage.

Update 19: Blizzard announces Diablo 3 for PS3 and PS4. No word on any release for the Xbox.

Update 20: The CEO of Activision takes the stage

Update 21: Activison further updates us on the new Destiny title by Bungie.

Update 22: The PS4 will receive exclusive content for Bungie’s newest game.

Update 23: The PS4 will launch Holiday 2013.

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