Generation of Change: Land of the Falling Sun

Generation of Change: Land of the Falling Sun

This console generation marked a lot of change for the gaming industry.  In fact, one might say that so much change has happened in one console cycle than the gaming industry has ever seen. With the addition of downloadable content, a huge focus on motion controls and even headsets that give serious gamers a surround sound experience without waking the parents or kids up.  This will be a series that will be broken down into major topics that have changed the industry in the current console generation. Let’s take a look at how Japanese developers fall from grace has changed the industry indefinitely and who it made room for.

The Land of the Falling Sun

When the last console generation came out Japanese developers were at the top of their game.  But as we all know great empires must all fall, and in the gaming industry this marked the fall of Japanese devs by the wayside.  As the industry changed so had its gamers, as they became more attuned to western ideas such First Person Shooters, MMORPG’s, and even real-time strategy games.

What gamers missed out on this generation was the plethora of titles that came from Japan.  Such titles like MegaMan, Kingdom Hearts, Okami, and even the much-anticipated title The Last Guardian, in which all the games listed failed to make an appearance this generation.  MegaMan has but in the form of downloadable game that really hasn’t pushed the series forward like the MegaMan Legends 3 title would have.


We should all agree the biggest downfall for Japan is the idea that great games need change.  While it should be noted classic franchises like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are put on a pedestal for a reason.  Some critics may dart around to say otherwise and what should be done, or what needs to be done with the camera blah blah.  But that’s just it these games don’t need a critics input on the game, they don’t need to adopt western ideas.  To be fair these games aren’t bad with the exception of Resident Evil ORC and still that game is descent.  However these games could have been MUCH better had they stuck to their original formula and not try to find the casual market or the market it doesn’t belong in.  Even with that said these games are much better than half of the shooters coming out in today’s market, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever *shivers, Bullet Storm?

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