DMC Devil May Cry Bloody Palace releases and comes with free patch

For PSN users the 19th was the date to start enjoying the Bloody Palace DLC for DMC: Devil May Cry, Xbox360 gamers today the 20th is the day to shine for us to begin enjoying it and what better way to slash off the DLC than by letting you know it released this week and explaining the free patch that comes with it?

For those unaware Bloody Palace is a mode that resembles an arena of sorts, your pitted against enemies on the lowest level 1 and harder waves smarter enemies and you fight and scrap until you reach the top which is 9999 the reward for all your effort is Super Dante aka unlimited Devil Trigger instead of having to complete a Very Hard or Dante/ Vergil Must Die mode.

The new Bloody Palace will have some surprises for us and it’s sure to keep us on our toes and our trigger fingers itching for some action. The other upside to Bloody Palace gamers could be looking for is the mass accumulation of Red Orbs and Upgrade Points to prepare themselves for later threats or to take on into the main game on a higher difficulty, whether the case may be with this DLC and Vergil’s Downfall coming to March 5th can we see the brothers tackling Bloody Palace as our two playable characters?! Here’s hoping! In the mean time here are the patch details and don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@MrDarkPhoenix)

  1. Poison AI issue addressed (she no longer enters non-interactive state)
  2. Lessened damage and style boost from Demon Evade
  3. Arbiter “Drop” now causes damage and style gain even if jump-canceled
  4. Non-damaging moves no longer provide style points
  5. Damage done by weakest enemies increased
  6. Damage done by all enemies increased on Nephilim and Son of Sparda modes
  7. Adjusted attack (parry) windows for Rage spin move
  8. SS and SSS will now decay back down to S if you stop gaining style
  9. No more eternal angel glide (where Dante flies around)

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