Top 3 Confirmed Next-Gen Games

There has been little to no exact confirmation on what to expect from next-gen consoles. People have started so many rumors that some are confused what to believe with next-gen consoles. Nothing has yet been 100 percent confirmed, no rumors, no leaks, neither the next-gen PlayStation nor the next-gen Xbox has even been confirmed. This probably poses as a disappointment to some that have heard rumors that they liked the sound of and yes it is unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that nothing about the next-gen video game industry hasn’t been confirmed.

Even if nothing regarding any console has been completely confirmed, there has been news about games that are confirmed for next- gen consoles. These games are different than what we are used to seeing on current- gen hardware. They do nothing more than hype up more excitement for next-gen hardware. There have been three main confirmed titles for next-gen consoles. These games sound like a step above what we are used to seeing. They provide players with nothing but confidence that next-gen will be exactly what the gaming industry needs to build more enjoyment.

Rainbow 6: Patriots

Rainbow 6: Patriots

After a lot of setbacks in the studio, Rainbow 6: Patriots’ release date was pushed far back. Gamers were beginning to think that they may never see the release of this game after so many people who worked on the game were out of a job. From what we were able to see in the games first trailer and various screenshots, we were on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, the game was pushed back so far that it has been confirmed that it will be releasing for next-gen consoles.

The plus side to this game being pushed so far back is that it gives the development team more time to make it perfect. The Rainbow 6 series has always sat in an odd spot for gamers; never making it past the insanely popular mark but never considered bad either. Rainbow 6: Patriots is setting itself up to not only be the best in the Rainbow 6 series but to re-make a name for itself in the crowded industry.

This is a game that is more anticipated than any other in the series and for good reason. With the little players were able to see of the game they were already hooked. The release date is of course a disappointment that we have to wait but in the end we are confident that Rainbow 6: Patriots will have been worth the wait.

Human Element

Human Element

Robotoki’s first ever confirmed game is called Human Element. This is a game that pretty much started the next-gen rumors as it was probably the first game that was 100 percent confirmed to the public to be releasing on next- gen hardware. From what we learned from the spread in Game Informer magazine there is going to be so much to this game that players have never experienced in any other game. The talk about Human Element adds so much excitement for the probable upcoming next-gen console announcements.

There will be a episodic prequel to the game releasing exclusively to the Ouya system. The game has also been said to make appearances on tablet and mobile systems as well as being confirmed for the PC. After discussing these platforms it was said that the game will also be releasing for next-gen consoles.

This game has a lot to offer in the little that has been said about it. With a team of trained professionals behind the new independent company behind the game, players will surely be left happy with the game; not to mention the new capabilities it will be able to excess through what next-gen has to offer. We can probably expect to hear more about Human Element once next-gen consoles are actually confirmed.



Gamers everywhere have awaited news from Bungie for years. That information has finally come. It has been recently confirmed that Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, Destiny, will not be releasing in 2013. The game was confirmed for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and other future consoles. As the game will be released for current-gen consoles and next-gen consoles it seems possible to expect to see both Destiny and possibly next-gen consoles during 2014 at earliest.

This is a game that has caught more than a load of attention. We are pleased to see that a new IP that is already turning some heads being placed on next-gen consoles.

Despite the game being released for current- gen consoles as well, this is one of the only other confirmed games for next- gen consoles. We can expect to hear more games in the next-gen consoles line up confirmed once news about the next-gen consoles is actually announced.

(This was written before the announcement of any next-gen console)

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