Human Element Sheds Light on Next-Gen Consoles Release Date

After Robert Bowling left the Call of Duty series, fans were devastated that one of their favorite series might not be the same ever again. But what Bowling announced after his departure left nothing but smiles on gamer’s faces as he announced the creation of Robotoki. This is a new independent game company lead by Bowling with a team of other individuals working together to create new great games for players to enjoy. Instead of sticking himself to the one-note series, Bowling left to express his talent and creativity in other ways. This was one great step for Bowling and one step that would leave a good mark on the gaming industry.

Shortly after Robotoki was fresh in players minds came the announcement of their first confirmed title, Human Element. This is a game that sounds completely amazing. Even way back before next-gen consoles were the primary subject for discussion in the video game industry, Robotoki confirmed that this game would not be releasing for current-gen consoles (also PC, mobile and tablet).

Human Element

While that information emerged quite some time ago, no farther details about Human Element have really hit the internet. Details about the game past the spread in Game Informer Magazine might be scarce but rumors surrounding next-gen consoles are not. Since the information about this game and it being created for next-gen consoles has met player’s minds we also have to think about the fact that the game has been confirmed for a 2015 release date.

Since Human Element has really been one of the first 100 percent confirmed next-gen games, why is the rumor of next-gen consoles hitting store shelves in 2013 so prominent in players minds? Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were said to have a ten year life span and neither consoles has been announced yet but still players are lead to believe that next-gen consoles might possibly be released this year. That sounds like flawed logic.

With Human Element confirmed for a 2015 release date, thus far, and with the thought of this game being one of the first confirmed next-gen titles, it helps shed a little light on when player can expect the next-gen consoles to truly be released. There is no confirmation that the game will be a release title but it’s possible. This is not new news, it is not complete confirmation but it is another theory to take into consideration when continplating when you feel the next-gen consoles will be released. One could guess that less than a year is not enough time to hype fans up for a console release. Players can probably start thinking they can get their hands on next-gen consoles 2014-2015; most likely no earlier than that. The announcements and full confirmation about next-gen consoles are still most likely on their way.

Human Element will have a prequel to the actual release exclusivly for Ouya to set the stage for what the game will be on next-gen consoles.

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