Gears of War Kinect game was a RTS

Ever wonder about that Gears of War Kinect game that got everyone excited?  “Oh maybe Microsoft’s Kinect will allow us to use chainsaws and kill locusts with our bear fists!  Bloody gore all over our bodies screaming and yelling like we were actually in the GOW universe.” And then it was cancelled, perhaps due to gameplay, or in favor of a prequel based on Baird. Sadly we will never know. So here is a brief look at the game as we look over some screens of the Gears Kinect game that got canned.


Gears of War: Tactics, this was the tentative name given to the Kinect based game that was in development by Epic.  However, the game was quickly scrapped due to the odd controls. Since the Gears of War game was based on RTS, the idea of wielding a chainsaw and having some kind of cover based shooter was never intended for the Kinect title.  Which sadly goes to show the power of Kinect, the motion controls are just too complicated for a camera to capture and use for gameplay.


Upon seeing the images you may see the visuals were extremely lacking in the polish department.  This of course is because the game was only in the Alpha stage of the development cycle.  The game sticks with the basic 4 man squad, in the image above it looks like Baird is the leader of the squad with three unnamed generic soldiers.  Was this Gears of War game scrapped in favor of Gears of War: Judgement?

The game was played by giving gestures by drawing a path for each of the characters you control in your squad.  Also allowing you to switch weapons or even use your chainsaw on a locust behind cover. We can safely say the controlling the Hammer of Dawn was used by drawing a path, which leaves us to wonder how using a shotgun or a lancer was handled in the game.


We also never see a menu, which may leave us to believe that commands were given by voice. “OPEN FIRE” may be the kind of command you could yell at the Kinect for your squad to hit your targets.  It seems kind of silly to use your hands to manage menus especially with the hard time one might have just to start a Kinect based game.

Perhaps pulling the plug on this game was a smart move by both Epic and Microsoft. Especially since the only kind of Kinect games to be successful are dance or sports titles. Here is to hoping that one day we get to kill some grubs with our chainsaws in hand, the way it was meant to be played.

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