Single? Don’t Worry; Most of Gaming’s Great Characters are too

*Beware this article may contain slight spoilers for specific games

Happy Valentine’s Day from the staff! For all you gamers out there with a significant other, we hope your day is filled with a lot of love; for all you single gamers out there, don’t worry you’re not alone. While sitting back and looking at the gaming industry we came to realize there are a few categories some of our favorite video game hero’s fall in when it comes to relationship. After some critical thinking, we have come to realize most characters out there will be more likely spending this day of love and relationship alone.

Romance is somewhat uncommon in gaming actually. Although there are a few games out there that pay tribute to relationship by putting their character in a relationship, most games do not. Putting games like Allen Wake, Heavy Rain, Red Dead: Redemption, SplatterHouse or the on again off again Uncharted aside for a minute, where do our other favorite characters fall in terms of love?

Single Video Game Men

Gaming is huge with unspoken of love stories. When you take a character like the Legend of Zelda’s Link and put him in front of the beautiful princess Zelda the players mind will wonder but the game never confirms directly that the two are ‘lovers’. There could be slight flirting between two characters or even a compassionate shoulder touch like Anya Stroud and Marcus Fenix but the game never says “these two are an item”. Weather saving Princess Peach grants you a kiss or a beautiful hologram helps you save the world, players will want to think more is going on between the characters but it is all left to the imagination. Characters like Mario and Master Chief are indeed single; sometimes presumed to even be in the dreaded ‘friend zone’.

Unfortunately it is more common in gaming to have a death of a significant other than for them to be in a healthy relationship. Characters like Krato’s has suffered a loss of his wife as did Gears of War’s Dom. These are very sad moments that add dramatics to particular games. When you take a game like the plot line of The Darkness II and base the entire game off of the death of a loved one, things get really sad. These are hard time for the characters. A game like Saints Row 2 unfortunately proves that circumstances like these end in heart ache. Duke Nukem may be popular with the ladies but his favorite twins even met a gruesome demise. This is a go-to rout for a lot of games which ultimately ends with the character who has suffered the loss as single. Whether they are forced into the situation by terrible circumstances or just at the wrong place at the wrong time, in the end these characters are considered single.

To accompany the unspoken of love stories and the tragic loss is those characters that are just single. Huge characters Dead Rising’s Frank West are never really put in a situation where relationship would ever be beneficial to them. When you talk about someone like Agent 47, relationship was never really a thing for him. Even Black Ops’ Sgt. Woods never really cared to talk anything about a relationship, same with Call of Duty’s Captain Price. There are a lot of characters out there where relationship was so far off their radar that it hasn’t really been brought to anyone’s attention. Not only does this affect the guy characters but Lara Croft had always been way more into rummaging through tombs and collecting ancient artifacts than she thought about relationship.

Video Game Singles

So if you are single on this Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it; a lot of gaming great characters are right there with you. If you find yourself in the dumps today just think of yourself as one of gaming’s great characters to hopefully shift your mood. This is a day that focuses on love so if you don’t have anyone to show your love to maybe you can redirect all that loving feeling to some of your favorite games!

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