5 games that gave Gamers a Heartbreak

2. The Walking Dead

breaking her little heart

Lee and Clemintine, what more do we have to say?  This duo was the one you were rooting for day in and day out whenever a new episode was released on the console of your choice.  The number of original characters to die during the five episodes of this series out number the major characters that die in a Call of Duty game!  Of course the closing point of the season was the one that teared us up the most.  As we got to see a little girl have to abandon a friend, mentor and savior.  Seeing her tear up as you tell her that you can’t go on with her is the icing on the cake for any sob story.  Whether you walked away or shot poor Lee in the head.  Clemintine’s face as she leaves her friend is one of horror and heartbreak.

1. Halo 4

Cortana the Artificial Romantic

Most games leave gamers with the satisfaction of a happy ending, others leave us with cliff hangers.  Halo 4 left us with something we didn’t see coming.  Cortana finally admits the love that she has for Master Chief. Even going as far as saying that both of them are like machines.  It breaks the green machines heart so much his personality changes at the end of the game.  The romance between these two was never really touched on in the first 3 games.  In fact, it isn’t until Cortana’s final moment that she expresses her feelings to the Chief.  After 4 games across a decade it is easy to understand why Cortana could express herself to the Spartan, even though they are worlds apart.

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