5 games that gave Gamers a Heartbreak

Valentines Day is here, you know what that means!  A countdown for the 5 games that broke our hearts.  Some games introduce characters that will forever be in our dreams, while others will forever be in our graveyards.  From an amazing space adventure to hordes of undead these are the 5 games that gave gamers a heartbreak!

Spoiler Warning:  Please be advised this article contains spoilers you have been warned!!!

5. Final Fantasy 7


What more do we have to say about this scene?  No one playing this game at the time of its initial release saw this one coming.  Seeing Aerith/Aeris get stabbed in the back while praying is the saddest most unbelievable death in a video  game.  This girl was lovable and joyful, she would find things and ogle her eyes over it.  Then with in an instant she was taken away from us and sent to pixel heaven thanks to that long-haired freak whose mom came from a rock in outer space, Sephiroth. Her death was needed in FF7 to push the story forward.  But some of us still to this day will play up until her untimely demise, and reset the game.

4. Dead Space

Nicole Brennan

From the first moment you see the cries for help from a senior medical officer on the USS Ishimura, you know this character is someone special.  Issac Clarke plays it over and over as he is desperate to find the one he loves most, his girlfriend Nicole Brennan.  He soon finds out he is going to have to go through hell to find her.  Issac battles numerous demonic creatures that stir in the hull of the Ishimura.  Occasionally finding Nicole in the ship and helping her during these events to stay alive.  However it is all for naught, you find out at the end of the game she soon commits suicide after the initial message she sent Issac, and that she is nothing but a side effect of the marker, a hallucination.  Even the chapters of the game spell her demise as each chapters first letter spells out N.I.C.O.L.E. I.S. D.E.A.D.

3. Mass Effect 3

Commander Shepard

Do you want to play a game that will tear your heart into pieces?  Then you have to play Mass Effect 3, tens of thousands of gamers did and well just look at the fiasco it caused last year when it came out.  Fanboys were screaming bloody murder at a character that isn’t even real!  The fact that most of these gamers would rather take to Metacritic and bitch about a game is hilarious.  No wonder the economy is so bad, if they had actually put their time to good use and accepted the fact that Shepard was no more we might be out of the debt crisis. The real comic relief here is that 90 percent of gamers that played this game had a male Commander Shepard.

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