The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect

Over the years major companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been bending over backwards to get gamers attention. Nintnedo displayed their Wii console with the gimmick of all gimmicks, mothion controls. It wasn’t long until both Microsoft and Sony caught wind of Nintendo’s gravy trail and they produced the Kinect and Move. The only one of these so call gimmicks that really ended up standing out was Xbox 360’s Kinect. While the Wii was based solely off of getting players to swing their arm around the room, the PS Move was basically the same thing just with a camera facing the players. While all of these things can be considered a fail in the mind of a hardcore gamer the least thing that gamers want to hear while the rumors of the next-gen console battle emerges is more about Kinect like features.

This time the rumors are pointed straight at Sony with the assumption of the PS Move is getting major improvements and a function called ‘eye-tracking’. While Microsoft’s surprising success with the Kinect is in hindsight it is likely that they will keep pushing that technology forward which makes Sony want to compete with that by upgrading their technology to something more along the lines of Xbox 360’s Kinect but better. This isn’t really a good thing. While improvements all around could be considered ‘good’ anything to compete with the Kinect probably won’t prove to be worth it for PlayStation in the long run.
Next Gen Kinect

Hardcore gamers really have never been draw to running around their room, swinging their arms about to play a game but instead wish to sit and relax by pressing buttons. Although having the ability to play with current PS Move and Kinect capabilities was nice this is something that some players bought but then ended up letting it start catching dust. It will not be a major selling point to a gaming crowd if a large focus was placed on upgrades in this area, even if the upgrades sound good. Doing so might appeal to the causual crowd that flocked to the Wii but odds are those people will be perfectly content with what they are already playing then want to folk over more case for something new and better. It is assumed that most hardcore gamers would still prefer the gaming experience with a controller.

The PS4 doesn’t need to focus attention on overtaking the next-gen Xbox in terms of the success of the Kinect. Like stated above, this is really just a gimmick and gimmicks don’t last forever. Everyone wants improvements and improvements are never a bad thing but it would be much more enjoyable for a hardcore audience if the attention was taken from motion gaming and placed back in the player’s hands.

When we look in the mirror we do not see a controller but we do realize we are looking into the eyes of a gamer. Hopefully with the release of the next-gen consoles it will not be proven that our favorite companies haven’t forgotten that.

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