Happy Valentines Day from Marvel Heroes and Gazillion Entertainment

Gazillion Entertainment makers of the highly anticipated free to play MMO Marvel Heroes have announced a very good deal of love that no player and Marvel fan should overlook. Marvel’s most iconic couple… No not Squirrel Girl and Wolverine, were of course talking about Scott Summers and his lovely bride Jean Grey Summers. For this Valentines Day you will be able to get the iconic power couple for free!… provided you purchase ANY starter pack or premium pack first, so whether you purchase a character pack for $19.99 or $59.99 you’ll be able to play as Cyclops (Astonishing Costume) and Jean Grey (Phoenix Costume) in addition to any other perks you already would have gotten for the pack you purchased.

For example:
You purchase the Cable Starter Pack for $19.99 on Valentines Day you will automatically get Cyclops and Phoenix for free as well as the bonus stuff for Cable making it three awesome Summer’s family for the price of one.

Just purchase any pack on Valentines Day 2-14 from 12:01am – 11:59pm PST to receive the bonus characters to your account. Just in case you find yourself purchasing a Cyclops or Jean Grey pack from the start you will be receiving a bonus character still just the character you didn’t purchase will be the bonus.

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