Brütal Legend Officially Coming to PC

After almost 4 years, Double Fine is finally releasing Brütal Legend on PC. You can preorder the game on Steam now for $15.00 which gives various bonuses. The bonuses include Team Fortress 2 hats and immediate access to the Brütal Legend multiplayer beta. Players can also preorder the special edition which comes with the official soundtrack of the game. The game was released to positive reviews in 2009 and is mostly known for its fitting metal soundtrack. Brütal Legend was heavily criticized though on its overdone RTS elements. Whether you enjoyed the game on console or not, this is a definite purchase for any metal fan or PC fans who have not played the original. Brütal Legend is set to release on PC worldwide on February 26.

[youtube id=”Ssgajd2wZ6c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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