John or Jack Marston to Not Star in the Next Red Dead Game?

There have been a lot of rumors flying about RockStar’s next step in the Red Dead series. Players took a huge liking to this Western game and along with it a great love for the games protagonist, John Marston. This was a game original from most every other game out there. It took players and placed them in a setting they weren’t used to playing. Red Dead: Redemption had a great plotline, long game play and familiarity that players weren’t used to. Of course, with all the good there is to say about the game fans want a squeal. With the way RockStar has taken fan favorite games in the past the odd of getting a direct squeal to Red Dead: Redemption isn’t as good as players might want them to be.

Most gamers don’t remember that Red Dead: Redemption wasn’t the first game in the Red Dead series as Red Dead: Revolver was the previous game in the series. With that being said Red Dead: Redemption was not a squeal to Red Dead: Revolver but just another game in the series.

Red Dead edemption

RockStar has a tendency to make a completely different game, with a completely different character and plot line in their games rather than connecting them to one another. Take a look at the Grand Theft Auto series, the games don’t exactly connect to the games before it. We are talking about a company that shoots out new ideas all the time. RockStar is a company that doesn’t rely on one idea and milking it until it becomes not enjoyable to the player but they bring up fresh content all the time. We are not saying that there is no chance that John or Jack Marston will not be a part of any next game in the series as nothing has yet been announced; it is just the likelihood of RockStar making a game directly after another featuring the same character has been rare in the past.

Even though the trend of trashing characters has been seen in RockStar before, John Marston has been one of the most beloved characters the team has ever created. They might want to stick with what made people love the game which was the characters or they might do what they usually do and turn in a completely different direction. Nothing is confirmed for the game yet, not even an official announcement, these are just educated assumptions on where the company might turn for a next game. Which would you prefer for RockStar to do with the Red Dead series; a new direction with new characters, a direct squeal to the game featuring Jack Marston or a game based around fan favorite John Marston again. Leave your opinion in the comment box below to join our discussion.

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