ROCCAT Isku Keyboard Review

ROCCAT Isku Features

MSRP: 89.99
Blue Key Illumination
Roccat Easy Shift[+] Technology
36 Macro Keys
Configurable Media Keys
Anti-Ghosting & 100Hz polling rate
Wrist Rest
Roccat TALK Technology

Founded in 2007, ROCCAT has been an uprising star in the industry dominated by Razer and Logitech. While they are mainly known for their mice, they have expanded into different PC products including keyboards, headsets, mousepads, accessories and even notebooks. While the ISKU has been around for about two years, it is still one of the best purchases for a non-mechanical keyboard.


The Isku is designed almost perfectly. The German engineered keyboard, comes packed with great physical features. The Isku is one of the larger keyboards I have used, but is not by any means cumbersome or uncomfortable. All the extra keys on the Isku do not feel out of place and never did I have a problem reaching any of the extra keys featured on the keyboard. The large wrist rest is extremely welcome in long sessions of gaming and is fitted to the keyboard perfectly. The keyboard does not move thanks to ROCCAT’s no slip technology. The Isku also comes packed with cable management underneath the keyboard to keep the wires from your mouse out of the way and neatly organized. The keys feel great and have a gentle pushy feel to them. The only constant problem with the keyboard is the backlit keys. The keys are not backlit evenly and some appear as they are barely lit at all.


ROCCAT has always been known for their exceptional drivers and customization. ROCCAT doesn’t skimp on any customization with ISKU. Almost every single intricate detail can be changed with the ISKU. Through the drivers, you can change the amount of illumination, key features, and even change macros on the fly. The ROCCAT drivers are easily the best drivers we have ever encountered. The drivers are easy to use, install, and work 100% of the time. One of the features I missed the most from the Steelseries 6G, was the lack of Windows button. ROCCAT has a setting where you can actually make the Windows button on your keyboard dysfunctional. With customization like this, it is no wonder that ROCCAT is the industry leader in customization of their products. Easyshift also works wonderfully when paired with another ROCCAT product, but I found myself rarely using the easy-shift feature.


The Isku takes a little while to get used to. The keys feel out of place at first, but within a week I was used to all areas of the keyboard. The keys feel great and respond perfectly. I tried out games in all different genres, to get an overall feel of the keyboard. The keyboard preformed best in Guild Wars 2 and Starcraft 2. While gamers who mainly play action games may want to look into a mechanical keyboard, the Isku by far the best keyboard we have used when it comes to RTS titles and MMORPG’s. All RTS and MMORPG gamers should look into purchasing a ROCCAT product for their next upgrade.

Final Verdict


+ Comfortable, Great for MMO and RTS Titles, Excellent Features for Price, Unmatched drivers and Customization
– Sub par Illumination

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