Speculation Arise about the Official Call of Duty 2013 Announcement Trailer

After hearing the brief and unsurprising news about a Call of Duty title releasing in the fourth quarter of the gaming season, speculations about who is developing the game, what’s going to be new and when’s are we going to see some actual game footage are on the rise. While many players can probably put two and two together to answer these questions some might still be wondering when they should be expecting to see the official announcement trailer.

Although at this point, nothing is set in stone besides the obvious information about a new Call of Duty game, one can expect that it is going to be developed by none other than Infinity Ward. After some major drop out of specific developers who have been with the series for a long time, one might guess to see another co-development involved as Sledgehammer took part in Modern Warfare 3. One could also guess that the game might be taking a new turn in terms of setting because of the way Modern Warfare 3 ended, or they could milk what they have another year or even come out with a prequel featuring some of players favorite characters that didn’t make it through the war. As everything is up in the air at this moment, when should we be expecting to hear some solid details on the matter or maybe an announcement trailer?

From past experience with each year’s Call of Duty title expect to hear more solid details about the game during the NBA Western Conference Finals. The annual release of Call of Duty, particularly the Modern Warfare games, has proved to make its big announcement during the half time show of one of the big final NBA games of the year. Modern Warfare 3’s first official trailer premiered during the NBA Western Conference Finals, after the release of a short teaser weeks before Modern Warfare 2 was official shown during the same time. The first full length trailer for Black Ops was released the same way and Black Ops II was during the NBA playoffs, odds are Call of Duty 2013 will be no different.

Players can expect to start hearing more information or teasers a few weeks before the NBA Western Conference Finals and expect to see the first ever gameplay trailer during the playoffs. This information is still a speculation though. When any solid information about the game has been confirmed we will update our readers.

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