3 Little things Sony Needs to Fix for the PS4

With the emerging next-gen console war on the brick of beginning, there are a few minor things that need to be altered with the PS3 to assure it victory in the raging battle. PlayStation can easily be the top contender if they fix a few minor things that players have found wrong with their console while adding new innovative reasons to buy. All current-gen consoles do have problems, some more apparent than others, but there are just a few minor little tweaks that would make players fall deeper in love with their PlayStation systems. While PlayStation has the best exclusive titles, what is it that is keeping players from loving the experience as much as they love the actual games?

Take a look at the very small details that could change a gaming experience for the better in regards to Sony’s PS3.


PlayStation s controller cord too short

One thing PlayStation has always done right is maintaining the familiar shape to their controller. While fans of other systems can complain that this controller does not fit comfortable in ones hand, a diehard PlayStation fan would never finds anything wrong with the structure. The PLayStation controller as has really always been the way it is and needs no realy change to the shape. After praising Sony for keeping the controller a familiar aspect to their fans your probably wondering why we are saying that something about it needs to change…

The thing wrong with PlayStation’s controller might not affect everyone as it is just a minor flaw but changing this minor flaw would help wonders in the overall experience for some players. When charging the controller with a cord, the cord is just so short. We understand that many players use outside charging devices for their controllers which is fine and probably works well but when you’re a hardcore player, odds are you want to play while it charges and in that case a cord is needed. It is nearly impossible to play comfortably while it charges with the cord provided. The only other option players have is to use an outside device to make the cord longer which can be costly. It would be a very minor change to make the charging cord just a little longer but it would add to the experience for quite a few players.

Dashboard Overhaul

PlayStation 3 Dashboard

It can be expected that the PS4 will be showcasing a beautiful new dashboard design so making note of this makes this a small point to make. The PS3 dashboard has always looked cheap compared to its competitors. It was always harder to look and much harder to navigate. Something about it had always just seemed off. While on other systems it was completely normal to surf around the dashboard just to see what’s new or who’s playing what, on the PlayStation it was pretty much like ‘come on get the game on already’. No gamer should really want to sit on a dashboard more than play a game but it would be nice if the experience on the dashboard was upgraded to more than just a selection screen. This isn’t a huge issue because gaming is more about the games but adding a new look and making it easier to get around to find out what’s new would add just make it a more enjoyable PlayStation experience as a whole.

Social Aspect

PlayStation 3 social

There are ways to making gaming social on PS3 but the ways are not as precise or experienced as what you will get on other consoles. There is no easy chat system where players can be with a group of friends just chatting while playing different games. Even typing out messages can be considered more difficult or time consuming than what is going on with the Xbox 360. Gaming has progressed into being a very social experience with how huge online multiplayer has grown so adding functions to make the social aspect of gaming easier to access would place Sony bounds ahead of where it is now.

While there are plenty of great things to say about PlayStation 3’s hardware and games these minor tweaks would be a simple way to make the entire experience much better than ever expected. Players have high hopes for the next-gen PlayStation console, who wouldn’t, but it is the little things that will add up that will put one console in front of the other in the battle. Odds are, both the next-gen Xbox and the PS4 will have a healthy amount of large reasons to buy. If Sony fixes these little minor things that do nothing more than take away pointless enjoyment; they will be seen in even more of a better light than they already are.

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