3 Little things Sony Needs to Fix for the PS4

With the emerging next-gen console war on the brick of beginning, there are a few minor things that need to be altered with the PS3 to assure it victory in the raging battle. PlayStation can easily be the top contender if they fix a few minor things that players have found wrong with their console while adding new innovative reasons to buy. All current-gen consoles do have problems, some more apparent than others, but there are just a few minor little tweaks that would make players fall deeper in love with their PlayStation systems. While PlayStation has the best exclusive titles, what is it that is keeping players from loving the experience as much as they love the actual games?

Take a look at the very small details that could change a gaming experience for the better in regards to Sony’s PS3.


PlayStation s controller cord too short

One thing PlayStation has always done right is maintaining the familiar shape to their controller. While fans of other systems can complain that this controller does not fit comfortable in ones hand, a diehard PlayStation fan would never finds anything wrong with the structure. The PLayStation controller as has really always been the way it is and needs no realy change to the shape. After praising Sony for keeping the controller a familiar aspect to their fans your probably wondering why we are saying that something about it needs to change…

The thing wrong with PlayStation’s controller might not affect everyone as it is just a minor flaw but changing this minor flaw would help wonders in the overall experience for some players. When charging the controller with a cord, the cord is just so short. We understand that many players use outside charging devices for their controllers which is fine and probably works well but when you’re a hardcore player, odds are you want to play while it charges and in that case a cord is needed. It is nearly impossible to play comfortably while it charges with the cord provided. The only other option players have is to use an outside device to make the cord longer which can be costly. It would be a very minor change to make the charging cord just a little longer but it would add to the experience for quite a few players.

Dashboard Overhaul

PlayStation 3 Dashboard

It can be expected that the PS4 will be showcasing a beautiful new dashboard design so making note of this makes this a small point to make. The PS3 dashboard has always looked cheap compared to its competitors. It was always harder to look and much harder to navigate. Something about it had always just seemed off. While on other systems it was completely normal to surf around the dashboard just to see what’s new or who’s playing what, on the PlayStation it was pretty much like ‘come on get the game on already’. No gamer should really want to sit on a dashboard more than play a game but it would be nice if the experience on the dashboard was upgraded to more than just a selection screen. This isn’t a huge issue because gaming is more about the games but adding a new look and making it easier to get around to find out what’s new would add just make it a more enjoyable PlayStation experience as a whole.

Social Aspect

PlayStation 3 social

There are ways to making gaming social on PS3 but the ways are not as precise or experienced as what you will get on other consoles. There is no easy chat system where players can be with a group of friends just chatting while playing different games. Even typing out messages can be considered more difficult or time consuming than what is going on with the Xbox 360. Gaming has progressed into being a very social experience with how huge online multiplayer has grown so adding functions to make the social aspect of gaming easier to access would place Sony bounds ahead of where it is now.

While there are plenty of great things to say about PlayStation 3’s hardware and games these minor tweaks would be a simple way to make the entire experience much better than ever expected. Players have high hopes for the next-gen PlayStation console, who wouldn’t, but it is the little things that will add up that will put one console in front of the other in the battle. Odds are, both the next-gen Xbox and the PS4 will have a healthy amount of large reasons to buy. If Sony fixes these little minor things that do nothing more than take away pointless enjoyment; they will be seen in even more of a better light than they already are.

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  1. the cable seriously? it’s a standard USB cable if you want a longer cable, buy one. the xmb became boring I’ll give you that I believe the bigger problem was speed while in game. chat features it sounds like people want I could care less if I’m not playing the same game as my friends I have nothing to say to them.

    What Sony needs to fix is their horrible marketing. they pump out the best games that no one knows about.

    • I think when it comes to the cable the fact is that, the Xbox 360 controller (with optional play & charge cord set, as well as rechargeable or standard AA battery pack) – Right out of the box (whether console or controller alone) the Xbox 360 wireless controller gives you the option to use AA batteries to play wireless, when they are dead you can switch them out for new ones which many people keep in their homes for electronic devices that use AA Batteries. When the Playstation 3 controller dies… you are screwed and you must sit a few inches from the console just to play it unless you want to leave it on and wait HOURS just to play in a comfortable position.

      Sure both console offer better options by purchasing additional peripheral attachments however, straight out of the box the Playstation 3 controller offers less convenience. (I am not even sure if it comes with a controller cable when purchasing a standalone PS3 controller). More importantly these are just observations not an attack on the Playstation 3.

      • I feel that the PS3 offers more convenience out of the box when it comes to charging. My Xbox came with nothing but it was also older. I would rather sit closer to an Xbox then have to purchase batteries are buy rechargeable gear when my controller can already be charged. Not to mention my PS3 controller last sooooo long compared to an Xbox controller. My Xbox controllers die so much faster compared to my PS3. I think the PS3 got the charging component right compared to Xbox.

        • The recharge kit for 360 costs $11 US. The rechargeable battery costs $5-$10. You can buy both together for less than $20-$25. The charge if not used can last 2-3 months. If used regularly mine has lasted 100+ hours before needing to be recharged. The idea that it being less efficient or more expensive as a reason not to use it is bogus.

  2. I forgot to mention the controller is fine maybe make it a bit fatter so it fits better in my hands. I hear my Xbox friends say they need to relocate the buttons……No they don’t

  3. 1) Controller. As the Playstation 3 controller uses a standard USB to mini-usb cable for charging, you can replace the cable at any time with one that is long enough for you.

    2) Your experience with the XMB is an opinion which many do not share. I quite enjoy how simple and easy the XMB is to navigate. However, its highly likely the PS4 would use a new UI, and the Playstation Store’s new look might give us some hints.

    3) You’re completely right on the social aspect. The Playstation Network may be free, but it is definitely pretty bare-bones when it comes to social gaming.

    • 1) Controller – you should never have to know what the controller cable is or even worry about it. It should be 1-2 feet longer. End-of-story.
      2) Sony XMB vs. 360 O.S. – no comparison. Sony is crap. I have both systems. On the other hand you have to pay for Live.
      3) Social aspect of being able to chat with friends without trouble or expensive equipment turned out to be a requirement. Sony dropped the ball on this one. Microsoft definitely got it right. It happens.

  4. 1) Controller Charge Cable – yes it is too short. Make it longer.
    2) Controller Triggers – Feels like squishing them when used. Should be more of a click like the 360s.
    3) O.S. software – It makes me feel like I’m searching through email when finding what I want to do.
    4) O.S. software – updates always take forever and make me sometimes feel I have no clue if something has messed up or not.
    5) In-game and cross-game chat. I use this feature more than any other when playing co-op or an FPS with friends.
    6) And yes the 360 has a laundry list as well starting with the cost of Live. This is not about the 360 but the PS3.

  5. Kamille_Bidan // February 9, 2013 at 11:37 am // Reply

    All those things are fine… Next time you should come up with something more crucial like the speed of the OS, faster installations and loading times.

    • Good point, like the wireless network speed on the first PS3 version was really slow, while they have improved it in later versions of the console, but I see what you mean.

  6. There are so many more crucial things (like the system and online) Sony needs to fix in order for the PS4 to have any succes at all.

    • Agreed, and I am sure they are working on those things. In regards to the article, it might do good to read the title of it once more… “little things”.

    • mate the ps4 will be successful regardless, people are still going to buy the console regardless if the controller cable if 30 CM’s or 10 metres, the sony XMB is seamlessly easy to navigate not cluttered at all and doesn’t have useless things like a cartoon avatar, there is no expensive equipment required to chat on the ps3 but you are right it cool be improved in the social aspect and just watch they will destroy that with the ps4

  7. I’d like to see a feature where you can scroll to your friends list and join their game without having to “invite” or open the game first…but rather just being able to click a “join in” link on the friend’s name in the same manner you now click their name to see their trophies….and let the machine do all the work finding the game, and logging in, etc. Joining a friend should be quicker and simpler.

    • ….and if you don’t have the game your friend is playing….an immediate link to the PSN store with option of purchasing the title your friend is playing.

  8. The cable being too short is a bit of a ludicrous complaint. Dirk’s argument saying, “1) Controller – you should never have to know what the controller cable is or even worry about it. It should be 1-2 feet longer. End-of-story.”
    It is a USB to mini-USB. You don’t have to scour the internet searching for the answer. It’s the same cable that has been shipped with awful point-and-shoot cameras for over a decade now.

    There is a greater lack of food in the world, than the lack of suitable USB cables.

    I’m not trying to stir the pot, but this being the first complaint baffles me.

    • Everyone has their own opinion but when it comes to the article at hand, there are just “3 little things” that could be improved and no one would complain about.

    • I have nephews with all kinds of electronics including PS3s. They are adept at using, but know nothing about the underlying technology. The best way to market something is to make it easy to understand. The other thing is they could have made the cable 1-2 feet longer and it wouldn’t be any issue to complain about at all.

  9. There’s a lot more to be concerned about with the PS4. No backwards comparability and online activation of games to ruin the used games market (studies show the used game market helps sales) are a much bigger concern.

    • sony has confirmed that they wont be doing anything to destroy the used game market with thing like online activation but the xbox 720 is a different story

  10. omg usb extension leads are the cheapest things ever. esp when you look at how much a play and charge kit is and theres no option for the wii!

    i do agree the menus need fixing. its just not desgined to flow, some options are hidden away in the stupidest menus. xbox menus so much better imo

  11. The Playstation controller is awful. They should try making something that is ergonomic and actually feels good to hold. Only reason they’ve held onto hat design is an unnecessary desire to maintain the legacy of the original.

  12. The biggest problem with the Sony controller is the positioning of the thumbs tucks. The Xbox controller is superior in how it offsets these. Also I think their should be different sizes but obviously it’s cheaper to just keep punching out the kid size controllers.

  13. before anybody comments on this i have both systems and an extensive game library for both systems.(i’m not including the playstation move and the kinect, because the kinect is not actually a controller it’s a camera)

    1) Controllers

    PS3- The playstation controllers are made to be versatile and can be used for all types of games including arcade style, racing, RPG, action, sports, etc., SIXAXIS which allows you to use your regular controller as a steering wheel, the controller should be bigger and it’s lasts very long.

    XBOX 360- The only good feature for the xbox 360 controller is the triggers, it should be a little smaller, the buttons should be flat so they are easier to press, the D-pad should be switched with the left analog stick so it would easier use the D-pad, and the controller only lasts a few hours, they should get rid of the batteries because every 2 weeks i have to go the store and buy a 12 pack of batteries which gets to be expensive if you have to buy batteries and online when you have to pay for food, bills, and many other different things.

    2) Systems-they both use HDMI and can play both with 1080p resolution

    PS3- it’s a Lightweight slim console, far better than past bulkier heavyweight version, light cables it supports 3D games in full 1080p High definition and 3D simulview technology, cross-platforming technology in a limited amount of games, blutooth technology, it can play Blu-ray discs such as Blu-ray movies and games, the loading, downloading, and updates is about 3.5 times faster than the xbox, free internet and optional playstation plus which is for getting stuff for free or at a discount, it has a small variety of social gaming, and highest possible memory 500GB.

    XBOX 360- it’s a bulky console, with a 5 pound power box and cable, it still uses the same old memory card just like the last gaming consoles which is a setback for xbox, it has slow but alright loading speed, 1 yr. membership for $60, it has very wide variety of social gaming and highest possible memory 250GB.

    They’re both very good gaming consoles but by the facts i would say that the Playstation 3 is the better console.

    I would only recommend the xbox 360 if you can afford an extra $70 every month.

    I’ve had the ps3 and the xbox 360 for 5 years i had to replace my xbox 3 times but i still have the same ps3 and it still runs perfectly.

  14. BoredomIncarnate // February 19, 2013 at 4:59 pm // Reply

    The cable? Seriously? I bought a 6′ USB cable at the dollar store (for a whole whopping dollar, go figure) and it hasn’t failed me since. I have no problems with the XMB. I find it quick and easy to navigate, compared to the clutterd XBox dashboard. As for social crap, I couldn’t tell you I don’t usually play multiplayer…

  15. AncientGamer // February 23, 2013 at 3:44 pm // Reply

    I don’t know why..the Xbox Controller never had been appealing to me. I was a bit worried if PS4 modified the controller to look and feel like that. Now all worries gone with that new DS4. Way to go. PS4 is going to rock and guess what? It’ll save the PS Vita too.

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