Skyrim DLC comes to the PS3 finally … FUS RO DAH!

When PS3 gamers felt they couldn’t enjoy the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC that has been flip-flopped around and claimed to not even be coming to the system can now rejoice and need not worry because has got you all covered.

Aside from the frustrating wait players can now come back to Tamriel packed up and ready to go for the next couple of weeks to explore the land again. Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard will all be releasing this month! And better than the release dates will be set one week after the other:

  • Dragonborn will be releasing on February 12th
  • Hearthfire will be releasing on February 19th
  • Dawnguard will be releasing on February 26th

Not only does your wait end but the first week of each DLC’s release each will be priced at an amazing 50% off, seems that’s the small gift for having the PS3 players wait so long but half off and sooner is better than full price and later right? Not to sure about the Euro PS network but North America will be getting the DLC at the dates posted, although it shouldn’t be hard to get the certification so it’s doubtful Bethesda is the make all gamers wait kind of company.

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