Monster Hunter 3DS-XL Case Now Available for Preorder

Monster Hunter 3DS

A little while ago, Capcom announced a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate protective case for the Nintendo 3DS. It was sleek-blue, aluminum case featuring a laser printed Brachydios on the top shell and the shells themselves are lined up with felt to better protect your 3DS.

MH3U3dscase Monster Hunter 3DS

All was well, except this case was only available for the original Nintendo 3DS. So what about those of us who have a 3DS XL? Capcom did well to listen to their fans, and have now come up with a Bronze version for the 3DS XL, color which was chosen by the fans themselves.

Both cases are now available for preorder at the Capcom Store , and each case also comes with 2 stylus. The original 3DS version case (blue) is currently priced at $15.95 while the XL/LL version (bronze) comes at $19.95.  Cases are planned for release somewhere between February and March 2013.

On another personal note, I am the owner of a 3DS XL, and while I like the idea of Capcom making official 3DS protective cases, I am not too fond of the Bronze color for the XL or the re-sized Brachydios for that matter. I always did like the Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3G 3DS, so if we weren’t to get that special 3DS here in the West, then I wanted to at least make my 3DS look similar. It wasn’t long before I ordered a custom decal and made my own Monster Hunter themed shell, shown below.

diggymh3ushell5 Monster Hunter 3DS

This particular decal, based on the Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3DS was made by DesignerDiggy, and decal designer and seller on I actually ordered this since before the official Capcom cases were announced, but I feel the black-on-red gives off a more aesthetic look than that of the official Capcom colors. So if you are not too fond of the Monster Hunter protective cases on the Capcom store, would rather have a custom decal, or are just a cheapskate [*cough*], then I recommend seller DesignerDiggy, whom I bought the decal shown above, and is open to commissions  Just make sure if you plan on making a custom shell like I did, mention that to the seller and request a mirrored version of the decal for that purpose. That way, you can stick the decal under the case to protect the decal itself.

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