Paul Walker Takes on the Role of Agent 47 in Upcoming Movie “Hitman 2”

Video game movies are really either very good or very disappointing. Sometimes the game and movie walks hand in hand perfectly and sometimes it just doesn’t work. News has gotten out that a reboot to the original movie Hitman is in production with action star, Paul Walker, taking on the role of Agent 47.

This movie is set to reboot the Hitman movie franchise. Paul Walks is known for staring in the action packed racing flick Fast and the Furious and other great movies.; none the less making this a brilliant choice to get into the Agent 47 character. There is obviously being time and money poured into the movie so hopefully that will pay off in a successful turnout for the film. We would love notihng more than to see a movie like this succeed greatly.

Rumored to be titled Hitman 2, this movie is said to be directed by Aleksander Bach. Aleksander Bach will be making a debut in the movie scene but is widely know for commercials. The release date for Hitman 2 is yet to be announced, the movie is currently in development.

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  1. I actually didn’t mind the 1st Hitman. Then again, I never played any of the games so I don’t know how it rolled. But I saw it in the their w/ my dad and we both enjoyed it.

    • I’m glad Im not the only one who kind of enjoyed it. I saw it with my sister and we both thought it wasnt bad. Love the games too but so many people seemed to not like the first movie. Hopefully this new one will change some minds.

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