Crytek forms U.S.A based Studio

With the unfortunate demise and bankruptcy of THQ a lot of us gamers were wondering what would happen to it’s valued employees, just because the studio went south does not mean they did not have a dedicated and passionate team of individuals at the company. Following the confirmation of the studio it’s going to be based in Austin, Texas not only that Vigil Games co-founder David Adams as the Crytek USA head. To put a little more excitement into this they have 35 hires at the new studio.. but not just anyone they were ALL former Vigil Games employees! You see what they did? This is pretty much a rebirth of Vigil Games you can say.

Games like Darksiders can have a new start and possibly other projects that were canned because of the THQ bankruptcy “Crawler” was a game in development by Vigil Games but had to be put into a limbo of development, who knows with the quoted “New Start” Jens Schafer is talking about the studio has the chance what many other studios don’t get and that’s a second chance, we couldn’t be happier to hear the new home for Vigil Games employees and the change can be great for gamers. What do you want to see from Crytek USA? Can’t wait to see the kind of games they can have us hype about especially with the CryEngine3.

  • Darksiders 3 (Famine and Pestilence) is an amazing place to go to, we all hope someone picks the game up and continues it as it should be continued

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