Gamer Girl of the Month: Imari Yumiki

Imari Yumiki Saints row cosplay’s Gamer Girl of the Month for Febuary is the talented Imari Yumiki. Imari is a Cosplayer, having done over 300 costumes to date! She is a huge fan of Saints Row, Harvest Moon and many fighting games. Interested in learning more about Imari? Read our exclusive interview below and check out her remarkable cosplay photos while you’re at it.

Name: Imari Yumiki


Occupation: Event Manager, Cosplay Promotions for Anime Industry

Hobbies: Cosplay, cooking, photography, learning all kinds of new things and I have a passion for Motorcycles.

 Imari Yumiki Saints Row Cosplay What was your first console and first game?

Imari: NES Super Mario Brothers II! But it was owned by my family, something I played myself and kept in my room to solely me? Harvest Moon on the SNES. How long have you been gaming?

Imari: I’ve been gaming since I was a tiny little girl, I remember watching my father playing and I was curious. One day I snatched the control away when my uncle was playing Super Mario Brothers II and it was history from there. What is your favorite game of all time?

Imari: Ever since I was young, the first game that got me hooked onto every system it’s on was Harvest Moon. It’s cute, fun and I can never imagine farming the same ever again. Ever since the first SNES game, I own every Harvest Moon game out there, and buy systems right away solely to play it fresh off the press. Of course I play other games but the big push is Harvest Moon for my Nintendo systems. Usually I can wait a bit haha, this is the soft side to videogames I play.

My favorite Fighter game is a dual tie with Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur. I love the fighter system the most, the more technical the better~ Tekken falls after these two.

My favorite RPGs consist of Shadow Hearts series, Suikoden, Xeno series (gears/saga/blade), Star Ocean, and tons more haha.

And some that I also really love with my heart without any doubt is Saints Row, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.


 Imari Yumiki Lili Tekken 6 cosplay What platforms do you play on?

Imari: I have all kinds of systems, except Xbox 360. I never got the chance to afford that system but I own almost everything else! I still take out my old Genesis or NES out to play time to time. What is your favorite genre?

Imari: Hands down, it’s Fighter genre. I can try and play all kinds of fighters. I’m not violent in real life, so I guess I just like being so in videogames? Hahaha, just kidding. But I really enjoy fighters best, aside from that I play any game with good gameplay and/or story. Designs fall after that.

 Imari Yumiki saints row cosplay What is your biggest accomplishment in gaming?

Imari: Being able to complete the story and pass the game. I enjoy seeing what creator’s masterpieces from their creations. Although sometimes it can be disappointing if the story isn’t written well haha. As long as I complete though it’s like an accomplishment. When did you first get into cosplaying?

Imari: I’ve cosplayed not to long after becoming an anime and gaming fan because I desired to obtain clothing that didn’t exist. So what’s better than just making it myself. So I self-learned and decided to make my dreams come true with my hands. What is the best costume that you have done?

Imari: For best costume, I can’t really decide knowing the 300 costume’s I’ve done. I really do love anything dearly when it’s both my favorite character and series.

 Imari Yumiki cosplay What is your favorite event that you have cosplayed at?

Imari: One of my favorite events I love cosplaying at is Fanime. It’s a good time for me to bring out a little more than a dozen costumes. Seconding to this would be San Diego Comic Con because it’s a whole different scene compared to the Anime/Manga fan scene. Do you have a lot of friends that you cosplay with?

Imari: I like meeting new people and other cosplayers, sometimes it’s awesome just to meet someone randomly cosplaying the same series as you! I don’t really go out and bug people I’ve met and are friends with to cosplay everything with me. But when it does happen it’s fun. I don’t mind cosplaying with different people as long as our timings are right for us to play together. Is there any costume that you would like to do or have planned for the future?

Imari: For upcoming costumes, I am looking forward to wearing my upcoming Soul Calibur outfit and my Atelier Meruru outfit that I’ve been waiting since last year. I will also be making several new outfits from different old generation games to new. So it’ll be a packed year of cosplaying!


 Imari Yumiki Katherine cosplay Would you ever date a gamer?

Imari: It’s about the person on the inside, no matter who they are, as long as you can exchange respect for their selves and me. Always be yourself and don’t be shy to let people know who you really are, because in the end you are who you are. No one should ask you to change that, because they should love you for who you are. And when things just don’t match up, then they don’t, take a step back because there are others out there who you can find. Is there any video game character that you have a secret crush on?

Imari: I don’t have to be secretly in love, I am in love with the Boss from Saints Row the Third… The way I created the looks to put my ideal look on a perfect man + Troy Baker’s voice set. It got me playing the game a little way too much for my own good haha. I love it.

 Imari Yumiki Viola Saints Row cosplay What is the most fun experience you have ever had playing a game?

Imari: When you can do everything and anything in the game and in the end it just makes me smile. Yes. Saints Row. Harvest Moon 3DS A New Beginning comes in second to that fun because of all the possible things I can do in a game. Do you play online? If so, are you all of a sudden seeing extreme chivalry from guy gamers even though they do not know you; or is it the opposite?

Imari: I really play MMORPGs for online gaming. I don’t really play my consoles online because I’m one of the players who just have fun and have no competition soul. One of the first MMOs I’ve played is Dark Ages and the one that sucked me in for the longest time was Ragnarok Online. After wards I’ve tested so many beta tests for MMOs. I’ve slowed down now, but quietly waiting for RO2 to suck me right back in. I honestly give any game a try as long as it’s fun~

 Imari Yumiki  X-23  Marvel vs. Capcom cosplay What is the hardest game you have ever played?

Imari: I can’t really think of hard games I’ve played? But having difficulties playing through with 100% completion because you can miss something in the game very easily would be the Suikoden games. I love them so much, one of my favorite RPGs of all time but goodness you can miss one of the 108 stars so easily to screw up the ending. Is there any game that you feel particularly good at?

Imari: I feel I’m personally pretty skilled in any fighter games. I play them a lot and still practice time to time with no doubt polishing my skills. I’m always willing to take up the challenges the fighting games give me haha.

 Imari Yumiki Sonico Super Sonico cosplay How many hours per week do you spend gaming?

Imari: I’ll be honest, if it’s not working on cosplay or being at work. I’m “gaming” some way, whether it’s online gaming MMOs, console gaming, handheld game or even card gaming! I’m doing some kind of gaming. If I am at home and not working on something, I’ll be playing something at least haha. Do you collect video game memorabilia? If so, what is your favorite piece?

Imari: Sometimes, depends on the games. If it’s something I really like, most likely I will get limited edition items and special products made for the game. I am probably most happy about my Devil May Cry statues, Kotobukiya Dead or Alive Statues, and my limited edition art books from certain games.


Thank you for for featuring me! It’s an honor and I am happy to share both my cosplay and gaming experience with everyone. Most important is to have fun with what you do and love what you do! My upcoming events will be at Katsucon, Sakura Con, Fanime, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con! I am hoping I’ll be at some gaming event someday but for now, if you guys attend any of the conventions mentioned, be sure to come say hi, I won’t bite… much. Haha just kidding about the biting, but thanks again for reading my interview!

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 Imari Yumiki Final Fight cosplay

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