3 Things that Might Appear at Sony’s Feb 20th Press Event

The teaser of the PlayStation Feb 20th event has really got players talking about what Sony will be revealing at this presumably huge event. Rumors have been flying ever since members of the press got invited to this curious event in New York City. Calling the event “the future of PlayStation” one could guess the moment that the gaming industry has been waiting for is just around the corner with the rumor of the big PS4 reveal at this event. Gamers have been waiting for an announcement such as this as a breath of fresh air while still wrapped up in their ageing console. While nothing has been confirmed about the event besides that media and investors have been invited, it’s almost as if everyone knows what to expect already.

Sony has become notorious for showing off new product at events like this. New York has become a PlayStation icon to show off prototypes and details surrounding their product. Things like the PS Vita in January of 2011 and the PS3 in March of 2005 have been shown off in a very similar way as to what the recent Feb 20th invention has displayed. Besides the biggest rumor about the PS4 reveal, what else might gamers learn from this PlayStation NYC event?

PS Vita

Sony has struggled with the PS Vita since its release. Players have demanded a price cut of the handheld and all sorts of other complaints about the hardware. If there isn’t somthing specifically for the PS Vita at the event than the reveal of the PS4 might have something that connects the PS Vita to the console in a more direct way than before. Although, there are some great functions that already connect the Vita with the PS3, which is something that could be more widely expanded on. The Wii U has set the stage for controller possibilities and with the Vita’s wide array of functions similar if not exceeding the power of the Wii U touch screen controller this might be something that could place PlayStation a pace ahead of Nintendo.

Another thing in connection to controller option is the rumor of the improved DualShock controller. If the Vita is not integrated in some kind of way that players never imagined then it is likely to see a touch pad added to an improved DualShock device. It has been rumored that there will be an easy share button on this touch screen controller for quick, easy video and screenshot sharing with friends.

Share Button

Something that Microsoft has been a step ahead of Sony on in current-gen is partnerships with outside companies. In the next-gen battle PlayStation will not only have to prevail with exclusive games (which they are constantly proving to be great at) but they will also need those extra functions that will keep players turning on their PlayStation consoles for more than just gaming reasons. The PS4 is going to need to morph into an all around entertainment hub that not only hardcore gamers will flock to, but everyone who is in search of an entertainment option. Of course, the primary focus should be around the gaming experience but anything from new partnerships to other options will prove to be a success to this announcement.

To walk hand in hand with the idea of a new partnership comes the idea that goes right along with the ‘share’ options. Players around the world always wish to be able to share their gaming experiences with the internet world so a possibility of being able to share their personal gaming videos with their personal screen shots on popular social networks would be a huge deal, if possible. This would make capture cards a thing of the past.

PlayStation Headset

We can expect to see a wide variety of hardware improvements when thinking about any next-gen console. With the PS4, of course one could expect to see those same improvements but there needs to be improvements made to social gaming. The Xbox 360 has succeeded in the social gaming aspect of things so it is time for PlayStation to up the ante with major improvements in that area. PlayStation has always seemed a step behind Xbox when it came to gaming with friends because of how much harder with was to navigate, message and speak to other players. With the PS4, this is an issue that must be fixed in major ways. We can only expect to see improvements with PlayStation in this area. In order for the PlayStation to succeed, Sony needs to focus much more attention on the social aspects of gaming because this is something that has become so popular to the players.

If not now these rumors might prove to be true in the future. PlayStation is going to need a way to stand tall amongst its competitors, which it will surely have to do to become the leader of the brewing next-gen console war.

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