What is Battle Cry of Freedom?

With a plethora of modern military shooters in the market currently, Flying Squirrel Entertainment has decided to do something different. The developer best known for Napoleonic Wars, an expansion for Mound & Blade, is currently working on its first standalone title. FSE has stated that the game will support a minimum of 500 players on one 5×5 KM map. To walk across one of these maps it would take you about 30 minutes. The game also includes various features which were not in Napoleonic Wars, including in game chat, completely destructible environments, and an in game clan system.

Battle Cry of Freedom will also bring complete historical accuracy. All uniforms and weapons will be accurate, authentic Civil War background music, and accurate maps. Maps to be included at the time of writing are Gettysburg and Antietam. Players will also have complete control of various battlefield roles such as musicians, engineers, artillery, infantry, and cavalry. The engineer will have control to spawn barricades, trenches, and explosives, as in Napoleonic Wars. The game will also feature a similar melee system as found in Napoleonic Wars.

Battle Cry of Freedom will include various game modes. The most ambitious of these game modes is the planned base game mode. Players will fight to complete various objectives, all historically accurate, on an assigned map. Each player will be put in to different regiments and have to fight to complete a variety of objectives. Players will always spawn close to their regiment to keep the fight going consistently. The first team to complete the set amount of objectives wins. FSE has also stated that a variety of other game modes will be included as well.

Battle Cry of Freedom has no set release date as of right now and promises to be developed alongside the community. Battle Cry of Freedom will also be 100% crowd funded. Veterans of Napoleonic Wars or players looking for a new experience should stay tuned for more info. To donate please visit the official page which can be found at the bottom of the page.


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