Mysterious Attacks Plaguing Battlefield 3 Servers

Mysterious events have been plaguing Battlefield 3 PC servers lately. If you have noticed a abnormal amount of ping and suddenly having the Batllefield 3 server crash, you may be a victim of a series of Dos attacks. A Dos attack is when multiple users rapidly send out large packets of information to a certain server. These rapid packets of information make the server crash.

An anonymous server owner has stated this: “An unknown attacker launched simultaneous low-level, spoofed DoS attacks against a number of BF3 servers across the country/world at around 7:30pm PST today, causing those servers to drop all of their players. Due to a design flaw in BF3, the game servers being hit also caused their machines to experience CPU spikes and packet loss, extending the attack’s effects to all other servers on the same machines as those attacked, including yours.

We’ve seen this happen many times before and we’ve asked EA/DICE to look into the design flaw, but they have not yet given us a fixed version of the server. We’ve reiterated to them the importance of fixing this tonight. We have also added filters to our routers to block the specific traffic signature used this time — but, unfortunately, it will be easy for the attacker to adjust and use a different one that we can’t predict in advance, attacking again and causing this to repeat.”

The attacks have not been solely targeted at Battlefield 3. Multiple other titles have encountered the same issues. DICE has not released an official statement on this issue and has yet to even acknowledge the issue. Multiple users on the Battlelog forums have also complained about the issues and have yet to receive any official response. Stay tuned for further updates and statements.



The number #1 server in Battlefield 3, experiencing various issues.

UPDATE: A GSP tech has confirmed that as little as 1 Mbps is enough to take down an entire server.


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