Gaming’s 5 Most Iconic Deadly Weapons

The creative minds in the gaming industry have presented players with some of the most memorable weapons one could imagine. These weapons usually look as good as they are though. Video games can take something so normal but add twists to make that average weapon seem that much more lethal. As most characters in our favorite games, fists can be considered a weapon, but in this list we are going to have to put the characters actual powers aside because we are focused on the weapons that not only slay an enemy in a perfect way but the weapons that make slaying your opponent all the more interesting because of how cool the weapon you are using is.

There of course is a slew of average weapons, average guns, swords and knifes; you got your everyday grenade and day by day air strikes on games but what weapons take that ‘everyday’ feeling to the next level by giving players that sought after, ultra cool weapon that dishes out so much damage that it may never be forgotten?

Assassin’s Creed– Hidden Blade

Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade

Assassin’s Creed hooked players with historically accurate twists to a fantasy story. This game caught the attention of a huge population not only because of the familiarity of certain aspects of the game from a historical perspective but because of the cool swift movements the player was able to perform as the multiple assassins of the series. The assassin’s of the Assassin’s Creed series come equip with one of the most interesting weapons out there, the hidden blade. This is a blade that sits at the characters wrist so when an enemy is near they can let their blade loose and kill the enemy. The hidden blade allows players to be stealthy if they please or use it in a full out battle. This weapon is versatile but it is also one of the coolest weapons in gaming.

Pokémon– Pokeball

Pokemon Pokeball

The Pokeball can prove to be one of the most dangerous weapons in gaming because from the outside you could only guess the power of the inside. Each Pokeball can house a different Pokémon while sometime a weakling might emerge for the challenge most often your opponent will use the best they have against you. Pokémon themselves have powers unimaginable to the average human so the mystery hidden behind each unknown ball could end up being your worst nightmare. All you Pokémon fans know the feeling of facing the elite four for the first time and not knowing if you are quite ready for what awaits you; only to find there is one Pokémon that can take out your entire team. If that’s not iconic and deadly, we don’t know what is! Is a Pokeball a weapon, no not really but can the Pokémon inside the ball be considered deadly; of course.

God of War-Blades of Chaos

God of War Blades of Chaos

Kratos of the God of War series has proved that he too belongs on our list with the iconic Blades of Chaos. Although there are other blades acquired by the God throughout the series this is the most iconic for being the first pair of chained blades Kratos used in the God of War series. Given to him by Ares, these blades were crafted for a servant deemed worthy of their power. The blades allow Kratos to do some pretty neat looking moves and combo’s with the Blades of Chaos. Any PlayStation fan would love to have a weapon like these in their closets. The Blades of Chaos are one of those unforgettable weapons that will always hold a special place in the video game industry.

Gears of War– Lancer

Gears of War Lancer

The Gears of War series is known for being gruesome. We can guess that one of the many reasons why it has seen so much success if because of the gruesomeness of the game. Gears of War made a huge impression on the video game weapons market with the début of the Lancer. The Lancer isn’t just your average gun; it has a chainsaw attached to the end of it! What that mean is when you are standing far away from your enemy you can deliver the normal assault rifle carnage to their body but once they get too close they can count on being sawed in two. The Lancer provides the perfect blood bath as your enemies body parts get sawed off. Sawing an enemy with the Lancer in Gears of War probably provides the most blood spill out of any modern game. The Lancer’s slaughter is truly unforgettable.

Legend of Zelda– Link’s Master Sword

Zelda Master Sword

Link’s Master Sword is probably the most iconic video game weapon of all time. This is the reoccurring sword that has appeared throughout the Zelda series. This sword was first introduced in through artwork for A Link to the Past. The Master Sword is a legendary weapon that was initially made by the goddess of Hylia. The sword, previously known as the Goddess Sword, was then forged into what players know it as today, Master Sword, by Link, as the chosen hero by the goddess, and his spirit Fi. The sword was given the power to deter evil after being immersed in the three Sacred Flames that are located throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Master Sword is typically the only weapon that can defeat the feared Ganon in the games that the creature appears in. The Legend of Zelda series is one of the most beloved series in gaming culture so likewise it houses one of the most iconic weapons that has ever appeared in gaming.

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