Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut Preview, Trailer and More

Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut Trailer and Screenshots

Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut looks to bring the survivor horror genre back to Greenvale as an exclusive for PlayStation 3  owners.  Access Games adds to their cult classic with a slew of new story elements, enhanced graphics, as well as new controls.

Lead Designer Hidetaka Suehiro aka “Swery” is ready to prove that Japanese developers can still deliver a fresh new experience which gamers have been craving for this generation.  Deadly Premonition is known for its off the wall humor and open world gameplay which is an interesting take on the Survivor Horror genre.

What is even more intriguing, is that Swery’s main influence is from the United States. In fact, the game seems like more of a title that you would find being developed in America rather than that of Japan.  “Spiderman in Japan is terrible”, to save you from googling it, it’s true Spiderman pilots a GIANT ROBOT to fight monsters! All friendly spiderman robots aside,   We love the twisted mind that Swery is bringing to the table and it shows thanks to the exclusive sneak peek we got.

[youtube id=”fblwSUx_9Tc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

From the looks of it the game seeks to deliver scares, laughs and peeping toms all in one sitting.   Check out the teaser trailer for Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut above, which is due out April 30th, 2013 in the states and April 19th, 2013 in Europe.  Below we have some awesome screens of the game.  For more on Deadly Premonition and Rising Star Games stay tuned to!

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