Capcom offers Devil May Cry 3 Dante as a DLC costume.. oh Capcom

Capcom has done it again they play with your wallets we get lost in the game.. With fans reeling and missing the original Dante and not satisfied with the Devil Trigger mode that looks enough like him to pass  but since the gauge is so hard to fill up it’s only a short lived look, well be careful what you wish for. Capcom has announced a new costume pack for our new Dante including a skin adopting his Devil May Cry 3 era look:

The Devil May Cry 3 Dante, Neo Dante, and Dark Dante are all available to use for the single player campaign which is a breath of fresh air for fans on the fence or gamers that still like the game and would play the skin for fun and nostalgia the options are open for everyone. In the age of gaming we live in of course this DLC has a price tag $4.00 on PSN and 320MSP on the Xbox Marketplace.

Capcom’s controversy surrounding on-disk DLC and over priced and non complete costume packs is becoming a little more frequent than fan’s like it to be, this could be the start of future DLC costume packs and even more worthwhile things to happen for DmC. The costume pack is available now and whether or not the other two costumes peak your curiosity DMC3 Dante will have your attention.

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