Kojima Productions would love to make Metal Gear Rising sequel with Platinum Games!

We know that Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengance is going to be a cutting and slashing great game and a sequel should be thought of without a doubt.. oh wait with the work for Revengance nearly complete Konami would love to make a sequel with Platinum games and there action department again! We at gamersbliss.com don’t see why this game wouldn’t do good enough to merit a sequel, a lot of lesser games get sequels so Raiden deserves to have his time to shine and slash in a possibly released Metal Gear Rising Revengance 2. Since Platinum Games saved the once canned game and gave it an action makeover like the other hit under there belt Bayonetta they have the right ideas when it comes to action and stealth with the help of Konami and Hideo Kojima, switching the story to have it after Metal Gear Solid 4 and of course adding the subtitle Revengance is also great things to notice.

Talking about sequels Korekado is quoted saying that the team at Kojima Productions might give Snake and Raiden a rest and look into the hero and or villain gallery for inspiration for future titles! Man how awesome would it be to play as Psycho Mantis and guess your opponents Konami based games on their hard drive!?

“We believe in the Metal Gear world there are several other characters and settings and other elements that can lead to more projects,” he said.

“If I start saying names and specific characters or elements then people will start thinking we’re actually working on those projects, but I believe on Snake’s side of course there are many characters how are very interesting.

“Not only that, but also on the enemies’ side we believe there are many characters how have potential to be worked on.”

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