Top Call of Duty Memes

Gaming jokes can be some of the funniest out there. Call of Duty is the prime target for gamers and humor because of its large fan base, mixed opinions and annual release. Being one of the largest games to ever sit on the shelf, Call of Duty generates a lot of attention. Memes and other jokes are the perfect way to poke a little light-hearted fun at such a large series.

Here is our list of great Call of Duty memes. Some of the pictures you see might require great knowledge of all single player, multiplayer, Zombies or Spec Ops. For the single player meme’s you see on the list beware of the possibility of spoilers. We are honoring memes from all Call of Duty titles so if you have not completed the single player portion of any of the games, read the meme’s with caution as we don’t want to mess anything up for our readers!

If you have a great joke about the Call of Duty series, share your experiences in the comment box below. Remember, there are a lot of harsh commenter’s out there so try to keep your thoughts within a reasonable limit to others personal feelings; keep it simple, keep it fun and keep on laughing.

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