Phrases Every True Gamer Has Heard

Gamers have their own language; whether it is just a word or an entire phrase. Over the years of gaming players have learned to catch on to these words and phrases and actually use them, or something similar, in games every day. When you join a few multiplayer matches, do you not hear the word “noob” screamed over your headset? After jumping from game to game with a group of friends, do they not accuse of lag once you have won a few in a row. It is things like these that not only annoy other gamers but it unites us as a community. If you are a gamer these words, phrases or thoughts have probably crossed your mind or that of the other gamers around you!

“Oh come on, I pressed that button.” (Continues to press wrong thing)

“I only didn’t win because I wasn’t trying.” (Lying won’t always get you out of a competition)

(Hears high voice coming through headset) “Are you twelve?”

“That tree wasn’t there a second ago.” (Totally saw the tree or other object but didn’t mean to hit it)

“The game glitched.” (Actually totally sucking at which ever game is being played)

“That guys a hacker.” (Doesn’t like that they are being beat)

“I’ve never used a cheated in my life.” (Guilty!)

“What a lag.” (Actually wondering how they are doing so bad and hopes others aren’t noticing)

“I didn’t push that.” (Accidently presses the wrong thing)

“Call of Duty is the best game ever.” (Believes they have a special connection with the game because they assume it’s a different experience for them than others)

“Call of Duty is the worse game ever.” (They had such a great experience with the game before and now disappointed that it is over-done)

(Serious tone) “No mom I can’t come to dinner later; I have a clan meeting.”

“Camper!”/ “Spawn killing”/ “Cheater” (Screams every single multiplayer game)

“Oh my god a girl.” (As if they have never seen one in their life)

(Continually failing at a certain part on a game) “I could so do that better in real life.”

(Something out of the ordinary happens) “I wish I had that on video. I’ll bet no one else in the world could do what I just did.”

“I can beat you on any day… But I’m busy later.” (At least that buys time to practice)

(In party, leaves party, back in party) “Sorry guys had an update.”

“I play PlayStation because it has better exclusive games.” (PS3 fan)

“I play Xbox because online is so much better.” (Xbox 360 fan)

(Dies one too many times) “I’m never playing this game again in my life.”

“Damn kids don’t know what they’re doing.” (Assumes they have more experience than team)

“I have over 500 hours on this game.” (An execration of how much time you have on a game doesn’t make you any better)

(Someone enters the room in important cut scene) “Shhh shhh shh, I can’t pause it right now.”

(Messes up because of something ones own self has done) “Oh my god, look what you made me do!”

“What a no lifer.” (So sick of the same person beating you)

“I pressed that 1000 times.” (Never pressed it once)

(Receives a message) “See, I do have a social life.”

(Runs through brain) ‘Now what sort of weird, random, unbelievable story should I come up with today to tell all those random players I meet along the way?’

Did we miss one of the most common phrases you’ve heard or say? Do you have a bizarre story you would like to share with us that you have experienced while gaming. loves talking games with their readers and would always love to hear your impute on subjects like these. If you have something light-hearted that might make others laugh that you have witnessed while gaming, join our discussion in the comment box below.

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