God of War: Ascension Owners Promised Early Last of Us Demo

The noise about Sony exclusives just keeps getting better and better. Fans are of course ecstatic for the release of upcoming God of War: Ascension, as it is the next installment of the fan favorite God of War series. The game is set to release on March 12, 2013 with the much awaited prequel plot line, brand new multiplayer mode and to make that purchase just a bit sweeter… early access to the demo of The Last of Us!

The Last of Us has been catching attention since its announcement. The game practically got a standing obviation at last year’s E3 press conference at the end of the live demo. Since then, PS3 fans have waited for every ounce of information regarding the game. This is a new IP made by Naughty Dog (developers of Uncharted series, Jak and Daxter series, and Crash Bandicoot series) so the anticipation and expectation for the Last of Us is high. It has been announced today that those who purchase God of War: Ascension will also be permitted that sought after early entry into The Last of Us demo.

Aside from the information of early admission, no other details regarding when the demo will become available have emerged.

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