Hey Let’s a Build a Stage Together in Mario!

Have you been playing Super Mario Bros and the assorted adventures of our beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Bowser, Boo and etc? Did you play the parties, tennis, golf, soccer and beating each other senseless in other games like Super Smash Bros. Have you like other gamers felt like something was missing? Since the Mario Paint days with my little mouse pad and music making abilities I felt like the creative side of Mario games would never mix again, I’m talking of course about a stage creator mode of course!

Wouldn’t you feel the need to create a stage like the Mario creators and in the age now why not share it with others!? Well of course gamers would welcome the possible new game mode and guess what… Masataka Takemoto is on board with something like that as well! There’s a catch though if such a mode were to exist, Takemoto was quoted in saying that he and the Nintendo team would have to think of something “Uniquely Nintendo” and they’d need to cater to a wider audience. So let’s see how they have a problem here because of a little game called Little Big Planet granted Nintendo can think outside of the box with the thinking:

  • Pick power-ups to use in the stage 
  • Pick bosses and or mini bosses

Those two things alone would make some creative thinking and really great fun happen instantly you can make a little stage and pick the Mega Mushroom as your power-up or something. Whether or not this can happen it can be a great idea… as long as it’s well thought out and prepared for.

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