God of War: Ascension Beta Impressions

The gaming world was caught off guard by the announcement of God of War: Ascension back in June of 2012. The release date is finally growing nearer and the much anticipated multiplayer beta has been made available on the PlayStation Network. The multiplayer beta had been extended from those who had participated in the Rise of the Warrior: experience on godofwar.com to all of those who are a PlayStation Plus user. Although getting your hands on this beta was opened to a much wider population; that only added to the great experience the beta brought to God of War fans.

Participating in the multiplayer beta experience was just a slice of what the full game will have to offer but that slice was enough to get any players expectations high. While we wait for more information regarding the single player portion of the game, we have been tided over well with how perfectly multiplayer fits in to the God of War experience. The beta was the perfect way to get a taste on what to expect in terms of the full games glory. While some players shunned the fact that God of War: Ascension was going to feature a multiplayer mode, we are wondering why it took so long to integrate such a magnificent mode in an already popular title.

God of War Ascension Multiplayer

The first steps to getting your barring in God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer mode is completing a tutorial. In the beta players were able to choose to form an alliance with two of four Gods that will be featured in the complete game. The two Gods that players were able to choose from in the beta were the thunderous Zeus and the vicious Ares. Choosing sides was difficult between the two because they each had their perks. Which god the player ended up choosing was truly based on that particular players play style.

Also in the tutorial section, players of course learned the moves they would be using on the battle field. The tutorial took a turn and allowed gamers to take a more in-depth look into the controls and abilities in a advanced tutorials. This was a point to draw attention to because of how great the finishing moves were. The moves the player was able to perform to finish off their opponent were… godly and gruesome… definitely something the God of War fan would anticipate in the new mode in the beloved franchise.

The character the player controls was also sort of neat. Although it was not totally create a player in terms of look, the character ended up feeling personally created by the customization of loadout and armor. All the characters start out looking the same but as the player grows and unlocks new things or finds in-game rewards their character will start taking shape to who they are as a player. While you don’t have the option to change color, add hair, or change gender; the way your character actually ends up feeling is as if it is a mini form of who you are as a player. The player can use a vast amount of weapons, different types of magic, obtain relics and use God items to customize their play style. This is something that not everyone may notice or find importance in but it is something that few games are able to achieve to such an almost discreet degree.

God of War Ascension Multiplayer

The beta featured a few different game types for players to get the feel of in two great maps. Players were able to engage in two different 8-player team modes. The first mode was a classic feeling “team deathmatch” type game titled Team Favor of the Gods. In this mode two teams played against each other by who could earn the most points. Of course, players could earn points by killing their enemy; but there were other ways of earning points as well. The way it was set up and how there were different ways to earn points was nice because although the game was still competitive it took the stress off of playing. Where as in some games people get upset when they haven’t killed as many opponents; in God of War: Ascension players could focus their attention on other things to help their team and have their score not reflect upon them in a negative way. In terms of team battle, God of War: Ascension also featured a Capture the Flag mode. The team modes all took place on a map called Desert of Lost Souls.

God of War: Ascension not only featured team play in the multiplayer beta but there was also a 4 player Free For All mode. The Free For All was pretty straight forward as it was just one player against another three who were all also against each other. The game tends to be a lot more brutal as the map is a bit smaller than what players would be playing on in a team game type. The small map that was available to play in beta was known as Forum of Hercules. This small arena was brutal and the perfect location for players to test out their skills with magic.

God of War Ascension Multiplayer

The multiplayer beta was the perfect place for players to bust out their headsets and discuss their strategies with their team. This will most likely be no different when the actual game comes out. Unfortunately, the beta stopped players at level 30 so leveling up past that point was a no go; a short time period to get that high but with how good the multiplayer actually was there were plenty of people who stretched themselves to that limit!

The beta proved that multiplayer has found the perfect new home in God of War: Ascension. This beta did nothing but excite fans about the upcoming arrival of God of War: Ascension. While we wait for more information to emerge about the highly anticipated single-player prequel portion of the game we can rest peacefully knowing that multiplayer in God of War is the reboot that the series needed. It is amazing how natural the mode feels in a game that has never had it before. Congratulations SCE Santa Monica Studios, this mode was highly impressive to say the least.

The wait is nearly over as God of War: Ascension is set to release on March 12, 2013 exclusively for PS3.

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